Edison Mail App – How Efficient is This AI-Based Email App?

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The immensely popular Edison Mail app is a constant feature in the Apple App Store’s top 100 productivity apps. The app has received several awards in the past for being one of the best AI-powered independent email apps in the market. For its loyal users, it is the finest mailbox management app. Previously downloadable only on iOS and Android devices, the company recently launched the app’s highly-anticipated Mac version. Is this inbox management app worth all of these accolades? Here’s a detailed review –

Edison Mail – What is the App All About?

  • Developer – Edison
  • Availability – iOS, Android, and Mac devices
  • Price – Free. The premium version called Edison Mail Plus costs $14.99/month or $99.99/year. The premium version has more security features.
  • Signing Up – Either download the app or receive an invite from an existing user.

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Objectives of the App

Edison Mail entered the independent mail app market with clear objectives. They include –

  • Save consumers time and spend less time in your inbox
  • Eliminate all frustrations with standard desktop and mobile email
  • Enhance control over email and enhance security 
  • Offer smooth functionality to prevent email overload

Does Edison Mail meet all of these requirements?

Here’s a look at Edison Mail App’s key features

#1. Ease of Use

Edison Mail is very easy to download, install, and set up.

It is much easier to use than standard desktop email platforms. It supports – Gmail, Apple Mail, and Microsoft Outlook accounts. Users can create email templates. Overall, it is super-easy to use.


Rating – 4.5/5

#2. Interface

This inbox management app has a fresh and uncluttered UI, something that all email users need to efficiently manage their inboxes.

Plus, the clean interface makes it easy to input swipe gestures for quick actions like delete, mark as read/unread, snooze, and more.

More control with swipes

Edison Mail has a ‘dark’ mode, making nighttime operations very easy and soothing to the eyes.

The Unified Inbox section is very helpful. Here, users can combine all of their email accounts from different providers and accurately manage their communications.

No pesky ads ruin the interface experience. Plus, the automatic email tracker blocking feature is very helpful for preserving privacy.

Compared to other browser-based email platforms or Apple’s Mail app, Edison Mail’s interface is much better. The excessive use of whitespace means that only a limited number of emails can fit on the screen at once. No matter how much you adjust the font size, the white spaces only allow seven emails on the screen at a time (Apple Mail allows ten).

Rating – 4/5

#3. Privacy

In the past, Edison Mail has made headlines for its research-backed business model of anonymized and aggregated research based on e-receipt data collected with user permission. All users can opt-out of data sharing for Edison’s research business at any time in the privacy settings. Overall, this inbox management app is extremely secure and features some efficient privacy tools like –

  • Block Sender – Block suspicious senders.
  • One-click Unsubscribe – Eliminate all mailing lists and promotional mail within a second.
  • Read Receipt Blocking – Prevent other users from gaining access to the mail by tracking pixels in images.
Block receipts

Rating – 4.5/5

#4. Assistant

Edison’s Assistant has always divided opinions amongst users. While most like the AI-powered Assistant, some prefer not using this tool.

There’s an option to turn off the Assistant for such users. In terms of the tool’s functionalities, it can scan emails and classify them into apt categories (e.g., travel mail, receipts, etc.).

Users get a clear view of the most important emails from each category. Overall, the AI-powered Assistant is much better than the assistant tools in other email apps and platforms.

Rating – 4.5/5

#5. Mac Features

Since Edison Mail was recently launched on Mac devices, here’s a quick look at this newer version of this email management app –

  • Quick actions and swipe gestures are the same as the previous versions.
  • Comes with the classic Dark Mode
Dark Mode
  • The assistant menu is positioned on the lower half of the screen, so it’s easy to send, receive, and search through mails
  • Email Threading allows users to keep track of email conversations
  • Email Templates help users save time while sending repetitive content
  • Edison Mail also offers a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that can be customized in the app’s settings menu.

Rating – 4.5/5

Let’s have a look at what do Edison Mail consumers say?

Twitter Love

Final Conclusion

Overall, Edison Mail for iOS, Android, and now Mac devices is an exciting and clever app. Its fast and user-friendly interface makes email management very easy. It seamlessly integrates multiple user accounts, making it ideal for users who have to manage multiple conversations on different email accounts.


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