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I remember the day I came up with the most appealing subject line ever, along with quite interesting body content, and proudly including a clear CTA. What else would a customer want to see? This is the perfect formula to ensure that your email marketing hits right on the spot in your audience’s mind generating clicks and hopefully, conversions. I was very happy and satisfied with my efforts.

But, never did I imagine what if the specially crafted email never even reached the intended recipients. It did happen when I tried analysing the outcome. My hours of effort, time and money spent on making that campaign successful went for a toss because I could only reach half the intended audience probably. I wasn’t able to get that desired result despite having the best team on my side.

I now know where I went wrong. And, you probably are doing the same thing. So read on.

I missed on that basic step which seems very obvious to pay attention. It was Email Verification. My consultant told me how important a process is Email Verification and shouldn’t be missed out in any case. Let’s see why I went ahead with the process and how can you implement a healthy email verification system in your campaign too. 

How Can Email Verification Help Achieve Marketing Goals

With digital campaigns being the key to customer engagement and revenue generation, it’s important to focus on improving email marketing campaigns, one of the most result-oriented strategies of all times. Verifying emails in real-time as you record them and re-verifying them ensures that your message is reaching real people and getting real results.

  • Higher engagement

It’s no rocket science – customers can’t engage with your email unless they receive it. Higher deliverability increases your odds of higher open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately conversions. And you could actually forecast your response rate once you have taken out the non-existent addresses out of the plan.

  • Better sender score and inbox placement

If your bounce rate, in general, becomes higher, the ISPs may filter your campaigns as spam. This can cause emails going to genuine addresses to bounce as well. Opting for email verification will help stop hard bounces and improve your IP scorecard, allowing uninterrupted communication with your audience and a better reputation.

  • Reduced spending

As a marketer, I am paying for every email that I send, whether or not it reaches an inbox. This is not acceptable. You can’t afford to waste money like that. So, sending fewer and genuine emails is better and will reduce the associated cost, time and efforts. The saved money can be used in other marketing campaigns that will increase ROI and boost your bottom line.

  • Better Analysis

When you work on a more precise data, your analysis will be much more informed and reasonable. You will get a far better understanding of what’s working out for your campaign and what is it that your audience is not responding to. So, your focus will be on bettering your strategy and not on correcting your database.

My Solution to Improve Email Engagement

While I stood there with my appealing email, which failed to reach people I intended it to, I was fortunate to get introduced to DataValidation. As a marketer, you know how valuable your marketing list is for your campaigns. And if you are confident about the genuineness of the email addresses it contains, half the job is done. DataValidation gives you the power to gain that confidence.

With the help of an easy to use API to integrate real-time and batch email verification inside your app or website, DataValidation makes life easy. It stops invalid email addresses and fraudulent submissions from reaching your database.

The incredible features of this service will leave you surprised. DataValidation comes with an Auto-Pilot feature that helps monitor the health of your email list periodically. So, your basic job is just taken care of without putting any extra resource, effort or time. DataValidation will automatically determine when to verify it.  

Want more? Backed by Google Cloud, DataValidation email cleaning service guarantees a 99.99% uptime and is a leader in the industry with 99% deliverability guarantee which makes it the best and most accurate email verification tool in the market. The additional outstanding features of DataValidation will also satisfy you to the core.


The service comes with a super-inexpensive price as they understand that everybody needs to accommodate the basics. You can even try it for.

Final Verdict

Not paying attention to email verification like me can not only jeopardise your marketing goals but also put the reputation of your brand on stake. So, don’t take a chance and try out this simple but effective tool to increase customer engagement.