AffLIFT Review 2024:-  Is it the Best Affiliate Marketing Forum to Join? (Updated)

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afflift review

Affiliate marketing is a hot choice for people who all want to make money from home or looking for a side hustle to start apart from a 9-5 job. 

To become a successful affiliate marketer you need to understand the game of Affiliate World.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, especially for beginners. Lots of people tried this marketing technique to make money but were unsuccessful and failed many times however it’s not hard if you focus and study the successful affiliate marketing blogs like Smart Passive Income (started by Patt Flynn) and how they become millionaires by doing affiliate marketing.

Does it mean you have to join a course? Not necessary. You can join an online forum and get more exposure. 

Do you also want to learn Affiliate Marketing?

We recommend you to join AffLift –  Popular Affiliate Marketing Forum

Affiliate Marketing Forum

Founded in 2018 by Luke Kling (also known as Luke Peerfly) affLIFT is an affiliate marketing forum that guides novice affiliate markets to learn everything about affiliate marketing. The platform doesn’t offer networking services. Instead, it teaches you how to network, which types of campaigns to run, and ways to promote your business. 

affLIFT Overview 

  • Company Name: affLIFT
  • Website:
  • Founder & CEO: Luke Kling (He is a programmer, a social media expert, a marketer, a web designer, and a blogger by passion as well, and also owns a social media scheduler tool called FPTraffic.)
  • Founded in: April 2018
  • Head Office: 621 Turkey Creek, Alachua, Florida, 32615, United States
  • Specialization: Affiliate Marketing
  • Employees: 6
  • Price: Starts from $20/month for the basic plan
  • Payment Method: American Express, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, etc.
  • Affiliate Program: 25% recurring commission on every customer referred by you
  • Support Team Email:
  • Social Media HandlesFacebook and Twitter

affLIFT is a one-stop forum for all newbies in the affiliate marketing industry. There are multiple topic threads and posts on the forum to find all the necessary information in one place. 

The company’s head office is in Florida, US, with six employees who manage the forums. Affiliate marketers from around the world share their experiences and insights to help beginners get a footing in this competitive industry. 

While affLIFT is a paid forum, it also offers commission on referral programs. In short, you can earn while you learn and hone your marketing skills. 

Highlights of AffLIFT 

There are indeed many forums for affiliate marketers. But why is affLIFT so popular? What distinguishes affLift from the other platforms that promise to help affiliate marketers? Let’s take a look. 

1.) Guides for Affiliate Marketing 

How should set up campaigns? How to approach new leads? How does the tracking software help? Is there an easy way to increase your business visibility? The guides have detailed answers to all these questions and more! Starting early will help you establish yourself as an affiliate marketer and increase credibility. 

2.) Case Studies 

A case study helps you analyze real-life situations and learn how to handle similar stuff if it happens to you. affLIFT has numerous case studies about different issues that crop up during the initial stages of being an affiliate marketer. You can discuss the case studies with other members and come up with practical solutions to avoid such situations or overcome them with better results. 

3.) Examples of Attractive Landing Pages 

The landing page of your affiliate marketing website plays a vital role in converting leads to customers. affLIFT has multiple examples of how to design the best landing page for your business. The forum also offers recommendations if you want to hire a web developer to take care of it. 

4.) Optimizing Campaigns

How can you optimize your business to increase the return on investment? affLIFT has the answers. The forum helps you identify the best campaigning strategy based on the products/ services and target audience. You can rework your past campaigns to eliminate loopholes. 

5.) Understand Tracking Software 

Which tracking software do you use? affLIFT has in-depth guidelines to explain how to use the tracking software to measure the success of your campaigns and improve your affiliate marketing business. A few famous software solutions recommended by the forum are BeMob, RedTrack, ThriveThinker, AdsBridge, Voluum, etc. 

6.) Follow-Along Campaigns 

A follow-along campaign is where affiliate marketers talk about their real-life experiences. They share what worked for them and what didn’t. This is the best part of joining affLIFT as you can directly interact with other affiliate marketers and learn from their personal experiences. 

Why Choose AffLIFT? 

✓ Access to all topics related to affiliate marketing 

✓ Group discussions, interactions, and communication 

✓ Loads of articles and material to read 

✓ Easy to search for the necessary information 

✓ All campaigning methods are covered 

✓ Neatly organized resources for easy reference 

✓ A review system to get positive reviews from customers 

affLift Link Directory

Link Directory

affLink has its own directory to monitor traffic sources, spy tools, Landing Page builders, Affiliate programs, Affiliate Networks, VPN’s.

You can even decide who’s the best as per the ratings.

Traffic Methods

  • PPV
  • Push notifications
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social
  • Native
  • Banners
  • SEO
  • Email
  • eCommerce
  • Incentive 
  • Adult

Pros & Cons of affLift


  • 24*7 live support
  • Years of experience in one place
  • More than 91,000 messages (with helpful information)
  • Easy and simple interface 
  • Has 64,000+ registered members 
  • Multiple membership plans 


  • No free trial 

affLift Pricing

afflift Pricing

1.) Monthly Subscription ($20 per month)

  • Premium Access
  • Affiliate Guides
  • Follow Alongs
  • Case studies
  • Beginners Course
  • Everything Else

2.) Exclusive Offer Lifetime Membership ($350 For lifetime)

  • Best Deal
  • Premium Access
  • Affiliate Guides
  • Follow Alongs
  • Case studies
  • Beginners Course
  • Everything Else

3.) 6 months subscription ($100)

Here you can enjoy the 1 month free trial

+ all benefits of the monthly plan

Final Words 

As per our Affiliate Director affLift is the best forum to learn all hacks about affiliate marketing hence we recommend you to sign up for the affiliate program and start learning. (No need to pay any money for sign up)

We are fully satisfied with the extent of knowledge and help available on the forum. affLIFT should be your go-to choice to learn everything about affiliate marketing. It’s a great source of information about all things related to the affiliate marketing industry.