5 Best AI Writing Software: Can they think and write like humans? (2024)

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AI Writing Software

All you need is good written content, no matter what kind of website you are running. If you are incapable of hiring a freelancer or lack linguistic skills, then go for AI writing tools, as it is easy to get the job done using such tools. If you want to be successful, then focus on the content.

Automated content is easily created by the best writing utilities, whether you need blogs, articles, or posts. Advances in artificial intelligence have effectively produced high-quality copy in a wide variety of formats and subjects.

AI writing tools have advantages in producing content. You will be able to produce a high level of writings for your blogs or website without spending much cash and quality time. Before uploading, there is always a scenario where some editing has to be done on human-written content when you need specific and unique content.

5 Best AI Writing Tools

1. Typli.ai (#1 Choice)


The most intuitive AI content tool merges AI writing with an SEO assistant. 

With Typli.ai, whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, copywriter, or marketer, you can write long-form articles as well as marketing content you can publish online without worrying about plagiarism. Typli.ai provides original high-quality content in a matter of minutes. 

You must leverage this SEO checker tool if you need better-optimized content. It is well known that analyzing a website is quite time-consuming, and special attention is needed to obtain suitable content and details. It helps to create SEO-optimized content so your site can be optimized to achieve greater success heights. 

It also has Chrome and Mozilla extensions as well as  WordPress Plugin to help you generate content straight to your blog. The installation is easy. Typli.ai also has different writing commands to help you initiate your content and structure your paragraphs. 

The following are the features provided by Typli.ai:

  • Produce long-form content more accurately
  • Saves your precious time and money 
  • Generate unlimited output. 
  • Export your content to a DOC or PDF format 
  • Spinning of words by replacing words, phrases and even sentences
  • Plagiarism is avoided by integrating a Plagiarism Checker API 

Enjoy our 7 days free trial account with a limit of 4000 characters. Your account can also be upgraded through monthly or yearly Unlimited Plans.

2. Jasper

It has strong AI and innovative extra features that make it a tempting writing option. When it comes to AI writing software, Jasper is highly recommended by users. It is used to craft original articles, headlines, or ads. It provides multiple templates, superfast output, and a support team that responds quickly to the queries. It is considered the best for overall AI writing.

Jasper helps transform your text into a personalized and unique piece of art. Jasper is a writing tool that generates automatic content to match the overall style of your writing. Your poems, posts, blogs, or articles can be transformed into artistic content using Jasper.

Start typing, and Jasper will finish the sentences for you. This process is entirely automated, and thus punctuation, capitalization, and grammar are incredibly taken care of. Jasper generates pieces of art for your writing. It uses a series of libraries and algorithms to translate each word into an image, but not random one-act word images are created. Jasper has one million sentences in its database. It makes your writing skills alive. It uses advanced AI to detect key elements in your writings.

Jasper provides the following features:

  • Find & Replace Words In Your Content
  • Content Generator for Various Purposes like YouTube Description, SEO Meta Title/Description
  • 11K+ Fonts, 25 Languages & 2500 Writing Styles
  • Highlights Quotes & Paraphrases Automatically
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Customer Support with Live Chat

 Jasper comes with three pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Premium. All the plans are available for a free trial.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly began in 2009 and has gained fame as the most excellent grammar and spell-checking tool. As per my experience, It is one of the best AI writing software in 2022 to improve your writing skills. This tool is used to make a document grammar-error free. You have to paste your content or write it on a Grammarly document, and it shows grammatical errors in your content. Grammarly can also check content in different languages, like American English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English.

Grammarly is integrated with various other tools, which makes it versatile. I highly recommend running everything you write through this tool, as it will take your writing from good to excellent.

Grammarly has three plans: Free, Premium, and Business.

Grammarly provides the following features:

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Overall Content Quality Score
  • Integration With Other Applications
  • Secure Browser Add-On
  • Personal Dictionary Option
  • Complete AI-Based Checking
  • Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling Checking
  • Tone and Style Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Readability Metrics
  • Works on Mobile Phone, Desktop, Laptop, Macbook, etc.

4. Word Tune

It is best for rephrasing the content. It writes what you want to say. Using the power of AI changes your content based on the tone and situation. One can improve online communication with the use of it.

It doesn’t come with grammar checking tools. It focuses on your semantics and the context of writing. Being a brainchild of AI21 labs, it uses multiple language models for rephrasing sentences. Word Tune uses advanced neural-net-based NLP technology combined with standard AI tools. In short, it helps to improve the text readability without focussing on grammar. It doesn’t check the syntaxes. It focuses more on text readability by preserving the original meaning.

Word Tune provides the following features:

  • Smart Paste Feature
  • Complete Control Over Sentence Style
  • Multi-Language Word Finder
  • Easy Integration With Business Tools And Social Media Sites

Word Tune has three pricing plans: Free Plan, Premium Plan, and Premium Plan for teams.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered copywriting tool that can write for you. Yes! Using this, you can create unique and engaging content for you within some seconds only. You have to write some lines or keywords, and then Writesonic will create the full content for you.

Writesonic is designed based on a pre-trained algorithm to generate a text copy. It separates content creation into steps like the idea, intro, outline, and article. You can generate website pages content, ads, emails, blogs, articles, product descriptions, and many more with the Writesonic tool. It will save both your time and energy.

Writesonic has four pricing plans: Basic, Professional, Startup, and Agency Plan. It also offers a free trial to users.

Writesonic provides the following features:

  • Create SEO Optimized Content
  • Fix Grammar Errors
  • More Than 20 Language Support
  • Text Editor For Editing & Writing Content
  • Content Rewriter & Rephraser
  • Free Trial Available
  • Templates Available For Landing Pages

Final Conclusion

So these are 5 of the best AI Writing software of 2023, which I would like to suggest to you all. I hope this article can help you to decide which is the best AI writing software for you.