Make your Life Easier with these Top 5 MS Excel Add-ins of 2024

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Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet used for accounting, reporting, analysis, and more. Despite the limitations, Excel continues to be a preferred choice as it is easy to use and has many powerful features but to increase productivity you must start using add-ins.

Below are the benefits of using Excel Add-ins

  • Design Process Easier
  • Speed up your design
  • Brings more integration
  • Enhance the overall design
  • Increase functionality
  • Streamline workflows
  • Increase efficiency

Here, we’ll look at the top 5 Excel add-ins of 2024 that will help you to become Excel rockstar. 

1.) Power-User 

Power-User is a comprehensive add-on tool compatible with MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. It helps save up to 50% of time and brings greater clarity by streamlining the files, content, and presentation. Create links between your Excel sheets and PPT presentations to automate report generation and create graphics (charts, pies, tables, etc.) with a single click. It also cleans the formatting and content to highlight and remove typos, duplicates, extra spaces, etc. 

Aditionally, you can access hundreds of templates and create complex charts like Gantt charts, Waterfall, Tornado, Mekko, and many more, which are not available in MS Excel. The company provides customization and integrates the add-on software with more resources as required. You can also use the training and support services to understand how the add-on tool can benefit your business and derive maximum results. The company has a free forever plan and two paid subscriptions. 

2.) ExtendOffice  

Kutools for Excel by ExtendOffice is designed to enhance user experience on MS Excel. The add-on tool can be used by a novice or an expert. The third-party extension has over 300 advanced features to simplify complex tasks, automate repetitive operations, streamline your work, and increase productivity. For example, the Find Duplicates feature can detect duplicate entries across the spreadsheet with a single click. You can combine data from more than one Workbook to merge the contents without the risk of errors and glitches. 

Moreover, Kutools supports 44 global languages and has the necessary security features to prevent malicious attacks on your data. The company continuously monitors and upgrades the tool to increase its performance and usability. 80K+ businesses and 5M+ users are using the Excel add-on tool. Kutools has a 30-day free trial and a 60-day money-back guarantee. It requires a one-time payment to buy the software and comes with 2 years of free upgrades. 

3.) Zoho CRM Excel-Add on 

Zoho offers various software and web-based tools for personal and professional use. The Zoho CRM Excel add-on is perfect to connect the Zoho CRM to your Excel files and manage the data effectively. It allows data import, export, cleansing, removing duplication, and much more. You can also write custom macros and conduct data analysis to generate graphical reports. 

The Zoho CRM Excel Add-on software is sold by CData, a vendor known for offering diverse add-on applications to increase workplace efficiency. It is a paid software and is compatible with different versions of Excel. Users can request a demo to understand its features in detail. 

4. Xero Excel Add-In 

Xero is a robust online accounting software developed for small businesses to streamline their bookkeeping and accounting methods. It automates invoices, receipts, etc., and can be integrated with various third-party apps. Xero Excel Add-in is a powerful application that helps connect Excel with Xero to work on the accounting data directly from Excel. All the transactions in Xero can be managed (write, edit, update, import, export, cleanse, etc.) without too much hassle. 

The Xero Excel Add-in doesn’t require any other installation or integration. It provides direct access to live data with a single click. Furthermore, a CData toolbar is created when you install the add-in. This helps manage large amounts of accounting data on Xero and select and create tables, charts, etc. The add-in software can be purchased as a yearly subscription and used on up to three desktops. You can also get custom licensing. 

5.) Zapier Excel Integrations 

Zapier offers an effective way to integrate MS Excel with a plethora of third-party software and tools for work automation. You simply have to choose the app and pair them through Zapier. For example, you can integrate your Excel with Gmail, Miro, Trello, Facebook Leads Ads, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and many other Zapier tools. 

Zapier’s integrations also support triggers and actions to simplify work and automate recurring tasks. Creating new spreadsheets, updating data, scheduling updates, adding new rows and columns, etc., can all be triggered by adjusting the settings. Moreover, the core features are free to use. However, access to all features requires a subscription. 

Final Words 

There are many add-ons to integrate with Excel and increase its efficiency. This simplifies your work and saves time, thus increasing productivity and minimizing the risk of errors. Consider the different add-on options in the post and choose the right one for your business. While Power-User is great for Excel and PowerPoint management, Zapier might be better for multiple integrations. 

Start using Excel add-ins today and let us know your experience…