Swift Publisher – Desktop Publishing Software for Mac

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 Desktop Publishing Software for Mac

Swift Publisher is a Mac application for all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing. It is especially great for small one-off documents that have to be visually impressive and informative to generate sales. For example, brochures and flyers, greeting cards, business cards, CD labels and envelopes etc. come out great with the Swift Publisher application.

Find out the key features of Swift Publisher

  • Customizable templates: The software has more than 500 predesigned templates that one can use and also customize based on needs and preferences. They make designing a whole lot easier.

Professional Templates
  • Booklet printing: Printing of booklets is super easy now, courtesy the booklet printing option which arranges brochure pages on its own.
  • Import from folders: You can also use photos of your choice and import them from your personal folders.
  • Spread view: Here you can edit multiple pages simultaneously with the aid of Spread View mode which saves both time and effort.
  • Export to PNG, TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF: This software supports a number of formats like PNG, TIFF, JPEG, PDF and more. It has made using the software really convenient.
  • Extensive design toolkit: This software has wide-ranging tools that allows you to do all sorts of customizations and design your documents. There are more than 2000 clipart images that you can crop and tweak and edit based on your requirements.
Extensive Design Tools
  • Customizable text styles and text tools: Also, there are a variety of styles for texts and paragraphs that are undoubtedly unique. They have 2D and 3D headings that can make your titles to stand out. 

What benefits can you get by using Swift Publisher as your desktop publishing software?

  • Increased productivity: Gone are the days when one needed to depend on large printing presses for production of visual communications. With basic designing skill, this software is easy to use.
  • Reduced production costs: Swift publisher is cost effective. Now one won’t have to outsource the task of producing customized documents and can do these on their own, thus saving outsourcing costs.
  • Improved appearance of documents: Due to a variety of customizations that are offered by the Swift Publisher software and their editing options, the documents look visually appealing. It also helps disseminate information easily.
  • Enhanced creativity with an element of fun: One can play around with the various editing features and let their creative juices run. 
  • Ability to produce customized documents: An array of options available on this document allows the user to modify the layout and the design of the document.
  • Reduced time to print: With the involvement of the printing presses removed from the picture, it takes comparatively less time to produce and print. Moreover, the multiple formats supported by the Swift Publisher has quickened the process by smoothing over several problems regarding format incompatibility. 

The Money Matters of Swift Publisher

There is a free trial available on this software. Also, you can choose to invest in a software license that allows up to 5 computers. In each version, there are few more options available that you can use without it costing a bomb.

Final Conclusion

Desktop Publishing software have changed the way companies work. With minimum amount of skill, they are able to handle work that used to be previously done by outsourcing. There are online tutorials and certification that teaches you the basics. The Swift Publisher has a wide range of key features that will help one customize their documents easily.