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The owner of Techpcvipers is doing a commitment to its users to protect the users of this website who navigates and continuously reading TechPcVipers to grab the latest news on technology. We are collecting your information such as (“Name” & “Email”) to share our experience & do a communication with you, also we are promoting every day new deals and offers, a contest to share the best deal to our users.

TechPcVipers has the complete rights to change, edit, modify or delete without giving an update to the users so you need to periodically read our reviews.

How do we use your information

When we share any new post on our website you will get a notification from us regarding the same so that you use that information to increase your knowledge, improve your shopping experience and share the genuine feedback with us.

No Liability

If you purchase a product from us and disclose your personal identity it to the 3rd party then you do so at your own risk as we are not taking any liability for that.

Legal Disclaimer:-

This privacy policy is completely governed by Indian Laws so any legal actions arising must be settled in India.


We are using cookies stored on user’s system to track time and pages that you have visited on Techpcvipers but if you are feeling uncomfortable at the same time then you can turn off your browser cookies at any point of time you would like to.

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