How to Identify and Find Fonts from Images using What Font Is Tool

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This is a fact that human mind retains images better than regular texts. When asked, people say that visuals are more appealing and easy to recall. Hence, advertisers have started the use of appealing fonts for their branding and product positioning. A specific font can be unique to your customers’ minds and can help enhance your brand image and recall. There are elements like your logo, tagline, and call to action that should set your brand apart from the rest. And it can’t be achieved by simple and plain texts. Hence, let me introduce you to the best fonts for advertising that I have used and Find Fonts from Images.

How To Find Best Fonts For Your Brand?

A very simple and effective tool I recently came across is What Font Is. I was amazed by the variety of fonts that it offered me. What Font Is claims that it can find any font for you from an image you provide. So, if you come across any impressive font on the web and want to implement it in your advertising copy as well, you can pretty much do it.

With a vast catalogue of 550K+ fonts, What Font Is boasts a font finder AI to extract the font type and details from an image uploaded.

Find Fonts from Images

How What Font Is Works?

  1. Upload your photo
Find Fonts from Images

2. Separate the font

The advanced mechanism tries to automatically separate the letters. For cursive fonts, you can separate each letter with a simple image editor given there.

3. Pick your font

What Font Is will then present over 60 fonts closest to your desired font. You will also find links to pages where you can download those fonts.

Quick Feature Comparison

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right fonts for your brand may get tricky. Whether you need to find a specific font missing from the sources sent by the client or want to replicate a font that you just found, What Font Is can do the job you. It is super easy to use the font identifier to search for a font regardless of the source being commercial or free. I would highly recommend What Font Is for Find Fonts from Images you are looking for. Give it a try!