Google I/O Conference to start on May 14 2024

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Google I/O Conference

Google IO developer conference of 2024 is just around the corner and all set to start on May 14 this year. The online event is available for a limited audience but anyone can register for a virtual event from here – . Google said content from the event will be provided on demand outside the U.S. for viewers and in different languages to serve anyone.

Google I/O 2024: What to expect?

Similar to last year Google to make a lot of tech announcements this year, unveil new features and product updates so overall it’s a mix of software and hardware.

1.) Google is going to announce new features coming to the Android platform with Android 15 OS and is expected to feature Auracast, which will allow users to broadcast audio via Bluetooth directly within the operating system. This should simplify the process of sharing or connecting to nearby LE Audio streams without complex pairing procedures.

2.) Unveil AI features that it plans to bring out to its devices in the future. Possible announcements about Android XR and Gemini.

3.) In the smartphone market, rumours are there that a new addition to Pixel smartphone is in a queue and plans to announce Pixel 8A with AI capabilities, feature a 6.1-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate and could run on Google’s Tensor G3 SoC alongside 8GB of RAM but that would be expensive than it’s predecessor range 7A.

The Pixel 8a could start at 569.90 Euros for the 128GB model which is a price hike of around EUR 60 from Pixel 7a. The 256GB version could cost EUR 630.

4.) Updates to Google services like Gmail, Google Photos and more.

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