AIOTO GO Review: 4G Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with AI

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Security cameras have become a necessity in today’s world. However, installing one requires a lot of work. You have to run the wires, connect the camera to a central DVR recorder box, and keep it powered through an electric cable. 

The next-gen security cameras require none of these additional fittings. You just need to fix the camera on the wall, insert the SIM card, and control it through an app. 

AIOTO GO security camera comes with a 4G LTE network connection and SIM card. It also has an optional solar panel and can be controlled through the AIOTO mobile app. It is a wire-free model with a tangled mess of cables or confusing connections. 

Let’s review the AI-powered security camera by AIOTO and understand its features. 


AIOTO Tech Inc. is a Taiwanese company founded in 2020. It has software and hardware experts working as a team to develop intelligent systems that can be set up anywhere and accessed at any time. The team designed the AIOTO GO security camera with a wire-free connection, artificial intelligence technology, and APP features. The camera comes with an additional solar panel to charge the batteries.

Top Features of AIOTO GO Security Camera 

AIOTO GO security camera is different from the models populating the market. It has been made using advanced AI technology to provide premium quality recording and image-capturing services to the users. After all, the purpose of a security camera is to record the activity in the space and provide visual proof. 

1.) 1080P Resolution 

The camera has a 1080P image resolution and a 130-degree wide-angle view. It comes with the Sony Starvis™ image sensor, which provides great-quality videos. The camera has night vision and motion-sensing features. 

2.) Weatherproof 

The AIOTO GO security camera is IP65 water and dustproof. It can be safely used outdoors without worrying about rain and pollution. 

3.) Dual Power Mode 

The security camera has a built-in 6400 mAh battery with a long playtime. It can also be connected to a solar panel (supplied by the company) to continue running for days and weeks. Set it up and go on a trip. The camera will continue to take care of your place. 

4.) PIR Motion Detection 

The artificial intelligence algorithm used in the camera prevents false alarms and notifications. You can choose alerts for vehicles, animals, or humans, and the app will notify you only for such movements. 

5.) Preview and Video Download 

The biggest disadvantage of security camera apps is the amount of data they generate. With AIOTO GO, you don’t have to download an entire video for each notification. Check the preview and decide if it’s necessary or not. 

6.) Schedule Recordings on Multiple Devices 

The AIOTO mobile app can be used to control and monitor as many AIOTO GO security cameras as you want. Add them to the app and use smart scheduling to set recordings whenever necessary. 

7.) Data Usage Alert 

Since the camera runs on a 4G mobile network, the app will send updates when the data is low. You can recharge the account from within the app and continue using the security camera for monitoring and recording. 

8.) Two-Way Audio and Live View 

The security camera also has an audio recording feature. Furthermore, it can play your voice through the speaker if you want to communicate with the person facing the camera. Use the live view and turn on two-way audio to directly interact with the other person. 

9.) Anti-Theft Alert 

The AIOTO GO security camera has a G-sensor alert that sends a push notification when anyone tries to steal it. You can use the audio feature to scare them and capture an image/ video of the intruder to file a complaint. 


Buy the AIOTO GO security camera online from major retailer sites like Amazon. You can choose either model, depending on your requirements.

  GO camera with SIM card and solar panel ($279)  
GO camera with SIM card and solar panel

The solar panel is weather-resistant and compatible only with the AIOTO GO security camera. The panel will be mounted on a 360-degree bracket to move it in the direction of sunlight. The solar panel automatically converts sunlight to electricity and powers the security camera. 

  GO camera with SIM card ($239)  
GO camera with SIM card

The security camera is wire-free and easy to install. It can be synced with the AIOTO mobile app and operated from a distance. The SIM card can also be recharged from the app. The company offers free 100MB data for 30 days. 

Final Words 

AIOTO GO security camera, with its 4G LTE SIM card and AI technology, is the best choice for outdoor purposes. It comes with a slot for a microSD card to store the recorded videos. 

With no wires and app-based operations, the security camera is the easiest to set up and use for personal, residential, and commercial use. It can easily handle a wide range of temperatures, varying from -4°F to 113°F. 

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