5 Best Hard Drive Health Check Software for Windows in 2023 (Expert Reviews)

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Hard Drive Health Check Software

The hard drive is an essential part of your computer. It stores all the information, applications, etc., and is responsible for running the PC without glitches. A corrupted hard drive will affect the computer’s performance and finally lead to the crashing of the operating system. 

Regular hard disk monitoring and health checks will help identify the problems in advance and solve them before the drive gets damaged. You will also know when you create backups and replace the hard drive without losing precious data. This is done by using hard disk health check software applications. While the market is full of software tools, not all of them deliver good results. 

Here, we list the 5 Best Hard Drive Health Check Software for Windows PC.

1.) Hard Disk Sentinel

Hard Disk Sentinel is an SSD and HDD health monitoring software designed for Windows (and other operating systems). It is compatible with Windows 11 and older versions of the operating system. The software runs background checks on all internal and external hard drives, hybrid disks, RAID array drives, NAS drives, and more. It verifies the drive’s health status and runs temperature checks.



The software can also predict the lifespan of each drive and list all critical issues. Hard Disk Sentinel can rectify minor errors in the drives. It uses the drive transfer speed and temperature to assess its health and performance. The software has a free trial version with limited features. The paid versions are categorized as standard ($22), professional ($33), and enterprise ($219.50). 

NOTE:- You will get lifetime free updates and usage to all the versions to ensure that both current and future systems and disk drives are covered. (No further annual renewal/subscription/product update fee)

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2.) Stellar Drive Monitor

Stellar Drive Monitor offers advanced drive health monitoring services for Windows 11 and older operating systems. It tracks the temperature and performance of the disk by running background health checks. It has a disk partition module that checks specific partitions of the drive to detect errors and glitches. The software minimizes the risk of unexpected HDD failure allows cloning of the drive and ensures data protection

Stellar Drive Monitor

The software has an easy interface and sends alerts whenever it detects anomalies in the drive’s health/ status. Stellar Drive Monitor works on internal and external drives but doesn’t support USB drive monitoring, though it can create cloned copies of the same. The software is available for free (limited features) and a yearly subscription of $19.99. It is used by more than 3 million users. 

3.) PassMark Software

PassMark DiskCheckup™ is a hard disk monitoring software for Windows 11 and older versions. Similar to the previous two applications, this software also uses SMART attributes (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) to monitor the overall health and performance of drives connected to the computer. It provides drive information such as serial number, media rotation rate, model number, etc.

PassMark Software

The software predicts the possible date of drive failure based on existing performance data. It also identifies the hidden parts of the drives. However, PassMark software has a complicated interface, which is confusing for newbies. A free version can be downloaded for personal use. The software is priced at $27 for commercial/ corporate use. 

4.) HD Tune

HD Tune Pro is a hard disk health monitoring software offering a graphical representation of data about internal and external drives. The software uses SMART attributes to provide real-time information about the hard drive’s status and performance. It sends warnings when there is a serious threat to the drive and needs immediate action. 

HD Tune

The software (5.75 version) is best suited for older versions of Windows like 7, 8, and 10, as it was last updated in August 2019. The free version has limited versions and is suitable for personal use. The paid version costs $34.95. Note that overtemperature is displayed as a warning and not failure. 

5.) Seagate

Seagate SeaTools 5 is a complete software offering SSD and HDD health check with five testing options that effectively monitor internal and external drives. The software is compatible with Windows 11 and older versions as well as all hard drives, irrespective of the manufacturer. It provides drive details and supports different hard disks like eSATA, USB, PATA, SATA, SAS, etc. 

The software is available as a free version for personal use. It can be downloaded from the company website. While the interface is easy to use, the software has limited features and doesn’t scan the drive for errors/ corruptions. Also, it doesn’t run in the background. To access additional features, you have to buy SeaTools DOS.

Final Conclusion

Choose hard drive health check software based on your computer’s operating system and drive versions. You can start by downloading the free versions of each software and comparing the reports to understand which tool is the best option for your PC.  Since all software applications are electronically delivered, you can download and use them in a few minutes. Stay up to date and monitor your computer’s drives at all times. Keep your device healthy and in top condition always.