How To Make Professional Templates For Your Presentations [Free]

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Presentation is the first interaction of any idea, concept, individual, etc. to the target group intended. The level of importance that is being attached to presentation can be measured from human obsession with fashion, designs (from cars to interiors). Content is important, but the level of importance the content will be receiving from the target group depends on how well it is presented.

Presentation is something that we have been practicing from school level academics to our professional lives. The presentations made by us at various levels were for different purposes and involved different levels of professionalism. Overall, presentations have two points of concern:

  1. Template Design: – The design sets the thematic, sets to be the main visual, giving a foundation for the content to be presented.

2. Content:– Content needs to be brief and crisp and interesting. Though that’s a matter of the individual presenter.

Possible approaches to build your presentation

From personal experience of the daily struggle with deadlines while making presentations, the situation can be handled in three ways:

  • Doing it yourself

This might lead to one of the most satisfactory results but consumes a lot of time. This might lead to compromising with the main content of the presentation, which is not desired.It’s a trade-off between content and design.

  • Passing it on to a junior

This is a possible solution. But there can be two situations: You don’t have a junior: Hence not a viable option.

Else your junior is incompetent: Which they generally are, leading to unsatisfactory output & loads of rework.

  • Access online presentation template

An online presentation template adds a lot of value because they have the power to make your presentation look very professional. They have the ability to add a lot of features easily. This was the solution that I opted to end my struggle with professional-looking templates. 

Professional PowerPoint template by

My search for a powerful presentation tool ended with these Free PowerPoint Templates (a.k.a. the acronym It provides easy-to-use and compatible features that will catch your attention immediately. This is why we love it:

  • Save Time & Efforts

With the available set of free professional PowerPoint templates, a lot of effort & time is being saved. The complete time can be utilized in developing the content to be presented. Hence, template design will not have any effect on the content at hand.

  • Compatible across versions of PowerPoint

Very often I have faced this issue, when sending a PowerPoint presentation to someone with a different version of PowerPoint, leading to the whole template either not working or getting unformatted. These sets of templates are completely compatible with various versions of PowerPoint.

  • Converts slides to Apple Keynote, Google Slides & OpenOffice

With work in progress going online, very often collaborating a presentation might lead to a lot of confusion & sharing mails. That’s why the usage of Google Slides is very much rising. The free presentation templates and PowerPoint backgrounds highlighted here are convertible to Keynote, Google Slides & OpenOffice leading to much ease of work.

  • Professional Designs.. and free download

Finally, the set of themes is very professional and good to look at. It can easily keep the audience hooked to your presentation and keep their eyes on the slides and you while you amaze them with your content. This way you can combat Death by PowerPoint and prepare awesome slides with bullet points or other elements that will help you wow your audience with style.

  • RACI Slides

Very often level of job involvement is not defined for a project. This can lead to a lot of confusion and clash between the stakeholders for the project. has a set of RACI Chart (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) which helps us in designing the workflow.

Final Thoughts

This has been a great find for my current profession. Honestly, getting it during my university course would have helped a lot. I would recommend every student, professional who needs to make presentations for their classes, meetings or presentations. provides us with a set of professional level, beautiful templates that can be used to impress the audience. It not only saves a lot of time but also provides a lot of compatible features helping to work on them online, even sharing with others using different versions of PowerPoint. So, for your next presentation, do look into these free Powerpoint templates by FPPT, for building presentations that compliment your content and hold your audience together.