AwareNow – Coaching Management Software for Independent Coaches

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Online coaching classes have gained prominence in recent times. We have been seeing many platforms offering online courses via videos and tutorials. People can sign up and complete the course in their free time. 

The same goes for independent coaches and teachers. Not everyone wants to sign up with a big online platform, isn’t it? As a coach, you might want to set up your own platform and provide training through it. This allows for more freedom and communication between you and your students. 

But it is such a time-consuming task to maintain and take care of the setup. You spend more time and money on the backend instead of focusing on the classes or growing your network by enrolling more customers. Not anymore. Awarenow is here to provide a comprehensive solution to all independent coaches. 


Awarenow is a coaching management software that has been designed by independent coaches for independent coaches. The software lets you schedule classes, manage the students’ records, performance, and payments, offer referral programs and do much more. 

The software can be used from any place and you don’t ever have to worry about data security. The videos are privacy protected. The software is HIPAA compliant and can also be easily integrated with Zoom app.

Features of Aware Now

Awarenow offers some wonderful features that let you manage all your business operations on one platform. 

1.Schedule Appointments: Let your clients/ students schedule their appointments and sessions based on the timeframe and dates you provide. You can let the changes be directly updated or set up control where you can approve or disapprove the changes in the appointments. 

2.Embed the Booking Widget/ CTA Button: Integrate the software with social media to create a Booking button that lets clients directly book a session from Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yelp, etc. 

3.Send Automated Messages: Why waste hours of your time manually sending SMS messages and emails to the students? From reminders to updates, set up the automated system and let the software do the job. 

4.Set up Automated Billing Assistant: Don’t take the risk of letting your clients pay when they remember. The billing assistant will ensure that you get paid for the sessions without delay. 

5.A Self-Tracker for the Clients: Let the clients/ students track their performance and manage their feedback. Each client will be provided with an individual tracker to stay updated about their sessions. 

6.Client Management and Reports: Have one database with all the related information. Every single email/ SMS you’ve exchanged with a client, their progress report, the bills, etc., can be found in the client’s record. 

7.Courses for Groups and Individuals: Do you coach individually or a group of clients at once? Scale the classes and content based on the session you conduct. 

8.Referral Clients: Grow your business by getting referrals from other coaches. Or get paid for referring to other coaches in the community. Grow together with Aware Now. 

9.Marketing Automation: You need to market your coaching business if you want more clients. From email marketing to SEO to advertising and conversion optimization, the software lets you automate your marketing strategies. 

10.Global Reach: The software can be used by people from around the world. Don’t let geographical boundaries restrict your online coaching business. 

11.Integrate with other Software: From social media to Zoom to marketing tools, automation tools, and courses, have everything in one place. 

12.Custom Awarenow Page for every Coach: Use the Awarenow member page as your landing page to bring new clients. You can either substitute it as your webpage or use it as a stopgap until you design your business website. 


You can go for any of the below three pricing packages and Awarenow to grow your coaching business. You get access to all features and integrations with every package. 

👉 Standard: Costs $49/month; Add up to 25 clients/ students, personalized add-on services, and Awarenow branding on the videos. 

👉 Pro: Costs $79/month; Add up to 100 students, custom branding, personalized ad-ons are available with the annual package. 

👉 Premium: $199/month; Add any number of students (unlimited), custom branding of the interface, personalized ad-ons are available with the annual package. 

The company gives a free trial period of 14 days on the full software. Personalized ad-ons include premium support services from the company to set up your coaching business and expand it. 

Final Conclusion 

You no more need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on individual platforms to manage the sessions, for marketing, for courses, and other stuff. You can get it all on one platform for a fraction of the price. Set up Awarenow in just a handful of minutes and get started with your coaching business. 

Spend your valuable time in growing your student base and improving your skills to become a better coach. Show them you are a thorough professional and a reliable coach.