5 Best Instagram Analytics Tools of 2021 (Updated 2023)

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Instagram is no longer an image-sharing app for friends – it’s a fully-fledged online market where every business can find its customer. When content is also a product in 2021, marketers need comprehensive tools to analyze its performance and to understand target audience behavior. How to pick a suitable solution among so many options? 

Let’s dive into the top 5 products for IG statistics that will give you a better understanding of your strategy than the built-in metrics. 

The list of top 5 Instagram analytics tools

#1 Ingramer 

Ingramer is a leading service for social managers and businesspeople. It lists products to build your audience, manage clients, publish content, and for IG analysis. What are the tools for gaining deeper and strategical insights? Try a sound User search combined with the Analyzer. 


  • Discover bloggers & study rivals in any niche. Test a database of accounts filtered by categories and such parameters as the audience size, quantity of publications, etc. 
  • Download the research results. Tick off the accounts you’re curious about and store them in a spreadsheet. It’s handy to share a file with your partners. 
  • Analyze any public Instagram. Under every user, you’ll find the button Analyze. When you choose it, Ingramer calculates essential data. Still, it’s probable to utilize this tool separately and without paying. 
  • Determine vital activity data. See estimated Engagement and Activity rates to comprehend if this Insta profile is trendy. 
  • Estimate the most desirable time to post. If you don’t understand what time is better to publish content, analyze your rivals, and apply their strategy. Ingramer will present the timetable of engagement and common posting time. 
  • Analyze tags. Inspect what hashtags top players in your area apply. Further, you can generate more hashtag ideas in the Hashtags finder. 
  • Get data about best-performing posts. Top liked and commented publications could drive you to smart conclusions. Learn what images and videos your target audience mostly appreciate and why. 

As a result, Ingramer offers valuable data elevating a content strategy and influencer marketing.  

#2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare combines analytics solutions for numerous socials, like IG, Twitter, FB. It provides insightful data about Instagram engagement and solutions for managing content on different accounts, helping agencies and digital marketers.


  • Advanced insights. Users benefit from more detailed data about Instagram growth. The report is sharp thanks to graphs. Examine the changes in reach and the metrics shifts in promoted and organic content. 
  • Campaign summaries. Group publications to explore the stats about groups of posts bound to a particular campaign. As a result, you can measure the progress of specific content approaches. 
  • Stories data. Visualized stats about stories, like impressions, and are tied in a story type (image, video, etc.). 
  • Analytics about mentions. Brand owners can view how often an account has been tagged by users. Also, it’s possible to view numbers corresponding to content types. 
  • Many options for summaries. Download them or select emails to receive reports granularly and on time. 

Finally, Iconosquare is a high-quality set of products for calculating IG progress. They let users try the service 2 weeks without payment. 

#3 Sprout Social

It is a well-known and proven toolkit for handling content plans and getting in-depth data about Instagram performance. Apart from content scheduling tools, you’ll organize social CRM and monitor hashtags. Reports are also included. 


  • You can switch many accounts to get reports for each. 
  • Monitoring of your data across various locations. It’s crucial for big brands that execute digital strategy globally to track performance by geotags. 
  • Multi-purpose Instagram reports. Sprout Social lets you view the audit of IG accounts, messages, tags, competitors, etc. All the statistics can fully be customized; it’s easy to adjust the periods and parameters you wish to get in the report. 
  • Hashtags tracking. If you launch a branded hashtag, Sprout Social will monitor its activity and prepare performance metrics. 
  • Messages analysis. Instagrammers may estimate the completion of Direct messages. 
  • Visualized metrics. Numbers are given with diagrams and graphs – users may save them as a spreadsheet of a PDF file. 

In conclusion, this service is an advanced analytics instrument for IG, meeting big companies’ needs. For new users, the functionality may seem comprehensive – Sprout is more designed for professional marketers.

#4 Squarelovin

Squarelovin is a product assisting marketers in recognizing what content is more interactive for their clientele. It displays content pieces’ achievements for a specific time range – from an hour to the whole year. Besides developing in-house content, Squarelovin helps marketers manage user-generated content and convert it into shopping posts. 


  • Analysis of a TA. Learn insightful social and demographic data about followers. 
  • Data about each publication. Examine any content piece your upload separately and make conclusions – does your tribe interact with it?
  • Observe active hours. Squarelovin predicts when your supporters are expected to use the app. Modify the posting calendar to gain more reach organically considering these hours. 
  • Analytics reporting. It’s possible to obtain a customizable review to find out your improvements and the outcomes after collaborations. 

Eventually, Squarelovin is an utmost analytics tool that can improve content based on your audience’s behavior. Begin with a tryout version or a basic mode, even if you’re an amateur user.  

#5 Union Metrics

Union Metrics aims to provide marketers with data that encourages producing more efficient and attractive content. It also provides functions of social listening. Union Metrics can be integrated with three networks – IG, Twitter, and FB. 


  • Instagram monthly examination. Obtain information about tags and publications that result in more activities within your community. Dealing with this report, you will consciously outline posts for a month ahead. 
  • Analysis of followers’ behavior. Figure out the most engaged admirers and enthusiasts to develop further contacts. 
  • Data about brand mentions. Monitor discussions about your products among customers. Be responsive to these reviews to build a positive image of your company. 

Finally, Union Metrics suggests 3 packages for solo entrepreneurs or managers of teams. Pick a tariff corresponding to your business needs and enjoy profound analytics. 

Final Conclusion

Discover features of the best Instagram analytics tools and start growing at a new level. 

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