5 Best Business Management Apps of 2023

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Best Business Management Apps

Business management apps offer a combination of solutions that improve the management structure of any business. Some tools are designed to execute specific business tasks like invoicing or customer relationship management, whereas other software tools offer a wide range of functions such as Customer Service, File Management or File Sharing, Lead Management.

List of Top 5 Business Management Apps

Let’s check 5 best business management apps that every manager should use to optimize their business operations in 2020

1) Primary App

Primary App

The Primary app helps new entrepreneurs bring their product or business idea to life. On this app, managers can launch the critical ideation process and encourage all commercial team members to share their creative input.  

By using Primary, professionals launching new businesses can add structure to their ideas. Developers can share ideas, define the product’s roles, and assign a task to different team members.

Key Features

  • It’s a Web-Based app
  • Primary is designed to help people launch digital products (apps, software tools, websites, etc.)
  • Users and developers can come together on this app to share ideas on how to improve business strategies.  
  • Thanks to this visual form of ideation, spotting complexities early on in the development phase becomes easier.
  • Primary also helps users define their expectations before they start coding and developing the product.
  • Users can oversee multiple projects on the app.
  • Users can create detailed power-up presentations.
  • The browser-based platform ensures all team members are on the same page throughout the product development stage.


  • PrimaryApp is the best business management app in the market for digital product creators and digital startup teams.
  • Tools like shareable previews, team comments, etc. make it easy to add agility and perfection to digital products
  • Primary costs just $8.00/month 
  • Free trial
  • Integrates with existing business tools


  • Not suited for businesses dealing with physical products
  • Primary designers are opinionated.

2) Creatio


Creatio is the best workflow management app in the market. The in-built features make task organization and business operations management very easy. It’s super easy to customize Creatio and oversee specific business processes. From staff information to client accounts – managing data on this robust system is very easy.

Key Features

  • Scalable; switch from simple tasks to complicated business processes with ease
  • Integrate Creatio with over forty business apps  
  • Customizable
  • Free trial for the advanced enterprise version
  • Perfect for small and medium-scale businesses
  • Not the best fit for small businesses


  • Easy to Use; the drag and drop design makes it easy to create workflows and automate various operations
  • Easy to create business reports
  • Flexible customer support 


  • The app has some bugs
  • To analyze key metrics, users need to be experts on this app

3.) Scoro


Scoro is a Project Management app that allows business managers to schedule and track various avenues of a business project. Scoro is widely known as the most cost-effective business management app for small-scale businesses.

Key Features:

  • With Scoro, it’s super-easy to schedule meetings, assign business tasks, and manage the staff.
  • Keep track of all business assets, purchases, costs, etc.
  • The helpful budget comparison tool allows managers to envision unique business
  • Easily allocate both billable and non-billable work
  • Create detailed budgets
  • Managing specific project portfolios


  • Ideal for managing staff and customers
  • Very easy to track sales
  • Cost-effective
  • Users can create detailed financial reports


  • Scoro may not be too helpful for large-scale businesses where hundreds of projects need to be managed simultaneously

4.) Todo


Todo is a cloud-based app for business managers and individual vendors. It helps them manage business tasks and facilitate staff collaboration. Many business managers have reported receiving financial boosts after using Todo.

Key Features

  • This cloud-based project management app allows business managers to integrate customer relationship responsibilities, project management tasks, and other business tasks on to one platform.
  • Priced at $29.99/year, Todo is ideal for contractors, freelancers, and low-scale startups.  
  • Users can divide tasks into subtasks and label them in terms of importance, nature, etc. Then, the app automatically tracks the task’s progress, the amount of time spent on each task, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Free trial
  • Every Todo account holder receives a personal email address that can be used to reach out to customers
  • Auto syncing of tasks to any calendar the user chooses makes business management very easy


  • Exporting contacts from the existing business software to Todo can be difficult
  • Task lists need to be longer

5.) Favro


Favro is one of the finest project management tools in the market. It’s designed to address all types of business problems, irrespective of the company size. With Favro, users get real-time team boards for task-management, scalable backlogs for time-management, and advanced business report generation tools.

Key Features

  • Break down complicated commercial projects into simple tasks and assign these tasks to staff members using the app’s breakdown feature
  • Easy to use planning board improves team output.
  • Team boards make it easy for team members to work autonomously.
  • Various tasks like marketing, product development, documentation, in-house collaboration, etc. can be carried out via this app.


  • The best app for project planning
  • Cost-effective
  • Free trial


  • Offline mode isn’t perfect.
  • Doesn’t integrate perfectly with other business tools

Final Conclusion

Using the above apps, business managers can command specific business areas like Project and task management, time tracking capabilities, File Storage and document sharing, Invoice & Budget management, resource management.

Hope we helped you to select the right Business Management Solution for your business.

Let us know in the comments what apps you are using for your business