5 Powerful Email Verification Tools of 2021(Improve Your Email Open Rate) Updated

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One of the significant problems a business faces in email marketing is the increase in bounce rates. You might have a huge mail list, but if 30%- 40% of the emails don’t get delivered, you will not get the desired results, right? 

Whether it is identifying invalid emails ids, or checking for typos in the email address, you need a software tool that takes care of your mail lists and emails. 

But can we rely on such tools to boost user engagement increase the success of email marketing? Absolutely. And to make it simple for you, we have compiled the 5 email verification tools for 2021. Shall we take a look at them? 

Before going further, if you want a deep comparison of the Top 10 Email Verification, you can check the full details here.

Top 5 Email Verification Tool

1.Debounce (Accurate Email Validation & Verification)

Start using Debounce bulk email verification services to remove unwanted email addresses and clean your list to increase your ROI.

Why Debounce is the best Email List Cleaning Service in 2021 ?

Let’s check some of the top features of Debounce:-

1. Reduce bounce rate by removing an invalid email addresses from your database 

2. Free Disposable Email Test

3. “Catch-All” domain checker – Make sure your server setup is ready for catch-all or not

4. API Integration

5. Anti-greylisting Technology

6. Email Spam-Trap Check

7. MTA Validation

8. Integration to top email marketing apps like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Zapier. Click here to check all the integrations

How to use Debounce? (Step by Step)

Step1:– Upload your CSV or TXT File and wait till the time Debounce process your list. Also you can remove the duplicate list if you want

Step2:– Email list cleaning process will start here to make sure that you don’t have any bad emails in your list.

Step3:– Now once your list is verified, you can download your cleaned list.

2. Bouncer 


Bouncer offers a SaaS-based email verification tool for small businesses and large enterprises alike. The software is hosted in and supported by the European Union. 

It is easy to use email validation and GDPR compliant verification software. The software is reliable and can be integrated with various mailing tools. It works in real-time and has an accuracy rate of more than 95%. 

Guess what? You can first use the free sampling service, where the software checks the mailing list and gives you an estimate of the bounce rate even without verifying the list. Bouncer offers 1000 free credits for every user/ subscriber. 

The company also provides technical support if you have any queries or issues. You can start using the free version through the company website. 

3. EmailListValidation (ELV) 

With an average of 4.8 stars by more than 400 customers, ELV is one of the most popular email verification tools in the market. The company claims that it is 99% accurate and reliable. 

The tool does three major jobs-

  • Cleaning the bulk mail list to remove fake and suspicious emails.  
  • Real-time email verification using the API. The algorithm makes sure only genuine email ids are added to the database.  
  • Auto-clean the mail lists periodically by integrating the tool with your CRM system. You don’t need to worry about an inaccurate database anymore. 

The software has 12 tools that keep your mail list clean and up to date. You will see a surge in user engagement and a sharp decrease in bounce rates. The software can be integrated with various mailing tools. It also offers data security and 100 free credits to users. 



4. MailTester.com 

Mail Tester

It is important to not get flagged or blacklisted by ISPs, isn’t it? Sending an email to a shady address could get you under the radar and put a stop to your email marketing efforts for the time being. 

Why take such a risk when you can check and verify email ids before sending bulk emails? MailTester.com has 99% accuracy in identifying wrong/ fake/ and spam email ids from your mailing lists. 

The API can be integrated with other applications so that you can stay updated at all times. Whether it is a bulk list or a single email, the tool does its job with the same efficiency. The API can be customized to match your apps and website. The company has most of the popular languages in the libraries. 

You can try the free version, get 100 free credits, and then purchase a package based on your requirements. The company offers more than 10 packages to choose from. 

5. QuickEmailVerification

Quick Email Verification

With more than 90,000 happy customers, QuickEmailVerification offers 99% deliverability. The size and nature of your business don’t matter. Not just that, the company offers the tool for email marketers and API developers. 

It provides enterprise-level data security and 100 free credits for testing for every user. You have the option of choosing different price packages. Do you want to go for bulk, one-time purchase, or do you prefer the monthly subscription? 

You will have access to all features and technical support, irrespective of the pricing package you choose. 

Final Conclusion 

All the above email verification tools have good customer ratings. You can check the individual websites for more information and contact the software provider for details.