SpotCam Offers Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions for Business

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Spotcam Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions for Business

Setting up CCTV cameras for residential or commercial use doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Small and medium businesses can easily upgrade their security systems by switching over to cloud surveillance solutions that require a minimum setup and no additional expenditure. SpotCam is a Taiwan-based company that offers a range of residence and business cloud-based surveillance cameras for affordable prices that can be a perfect option.

Highlights of SpotCam 

SpotCam’s video surveillance system is not limited to Taiwan, it’s available in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia. The SpoCam Cloud Business Solution helps homeowners and SMBs secure their property and keep track of what’s going on site.  

Here’re some highlights of SpotCam that makes them unique in the market.

1.) Multiple Business IP Camera Models

Spotcam Business Cameras

SpotCam offers a complete product line including indoor dome cameras and outdoor bullet IP cameras that support WiFi or PoE connection. The IP camera with free cloud video recording can be connected via the Wi-Fi network or the PoE (Power of Ethernet) network during the installation and meet all requirements in various usage scenarios. They are also planning to launch outdoor P/T cameras and IP cameras that support dual-band WiFi.

2.) Easy and Quick Setup 

The biggest plus point of using SpotCam’s cameras and services is the ease of setup. The entire system is based on the cloud platform. It doesn’t require any NVR, DVR, or VMS software to transmit the videos from the cameras to the monitor. The company provides the cameras along with the SpotCamWebVMS and access to the mobile app to every client. 

It takes just three minutes to connect the cameras to the internet or the local Ethernet connection. No need for any other software or hardware. Just create a SpotCam account to access the recordings on the cloud. The SpotCamWebVMS plays the cloud video recordings on browsers. The mobile app is free for download and use on iOS and Android devices. Access the surveillance videos from computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

3.) Professional WebVMS

There’s no cap on the number of cameras that can be accessed and monitored using the mobile app or SpotCamWebVMS browser. More cameras can be added to the network and the account as and when necessary, and the display allows one to view the recordings of up to twelve cameras at the same time. The app and the browser version are simple and easy to use anytime and from any location with any device.

4.) Data Security and Product Quality

One cannot forget concerns of cybersecurity when taking care of physical security. The video recordings of the surveillance systems are equally safeguarded by the company. SpotCam uses SSL certification and AES-256 bit encryption to ensure secure data transmission. The cloud servers are either AWS or GCP locates in multiple regions from Singapore to North America depending on users’ locations.

The software has been 100% developed by a team based in Taiwan, and all the SpotCam Business Cameras are also manufactured in Taiwan with a reliable quality. 

5.) Affordable Pricing And Multiple Cloud Services

SpotCam offers affordable prices for the cameras and services. In fact, SpotCam is the one and only company on the market provides a free full-time cloud recording service plan that can be used for as long as the clients want. Moreover, there’s an option to choose local storage (for up to 256GB) to save the videos in the MicroSD card. This feature is a perfect backup solution when there are network disturbances, the videos will still be stored locally even when the WiFi connection isn’t stable.

SpotCam offers additional services using artificial intelligence technology including virtual fencing, face recognition, and object detection, etc. for the subscription. You only pay for what you need and it’s affordable for small to medium businesses.

Advantages of SpotCam 

✓ Free forever 24/7 full-time cloud recording, no hidden charges

✓ Optional paid packages to save the videos on cloud for longer retention

✓ Can be used at home, office, restaurants, libraries, etc., 

✓ Works on Android and iOS smartphones/ tablets and web browsers

✓ No need for a DVR or expensive surveillance software 

✓ Offline storage of recordings in microSD card inserted into the SpotCam cameras 

✓ Super easy set up that requires no heavy work or expensive software 

SpotCam Overview 

SpotCam was founded in 2013 and continues to be a leading provider of cloud video surveillance solution in the global market. SpotCam’s surveillance cameras and video monitoring services are used in the US, UK, EU, Japan, and Taiwan markets by homeowners and small and medium businesses. 

SpotCam has found an easy solution to store and access surveillance camera recordings. The company relies on cloud technology and mobile apps to continuously stream videos from the CCTV cameras directly on the smartphone.