Top 5 Flipbook Maker Software of 2020 For creating Flipbook (Article updated)

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Flipbook Maker SOftware

Usually when someone hears the word flipbook, what comes to mind is a small book with drawings in the corners. When you turn the pages quickly it creates an animation effect. With the advent of technology, flipbook has taken an entirely different meaning. Have you ever seen a PDF letting you turn its pages as if it were a book? In the digital age, a flipbook is a file showcasing a catalog, portfolio, or a magazine usually created with the help of a free flipbook maker. It lets the user swipe or click to turn the pages. 

What Makes Flipbook Interesting and How To Create It?

The flipbook has been gaining immense popularity of late because it lets you showcase your content with style. There are many reasons as to why you should make use of the services of a free flipbook maker to create a flipbook. 

  • Lets you create engaging content that looks very professional by making use of one of the most prevalent formats
  • Not too expensive as it doesn’t involve any publishing costs
  • Embedding multimedia content is extremely easy
  • Easy to share on social media, websites 

Using a flipbook creates a wow factor and makes it look cutting-edge. It makes the user perceive that you’ve spent hours creating it and can impress them easily. So how do you create one?

It doesn’t require much skill or expertise to create a flipbook as it can be easily created using page turning software. Most of the free flipbook makers simply act as an interface between the PDF document and the flipping book. A flipbook animator changes the static PDF file into a graphic art by converting it into HTML5 language. 

5 Best Flipbook Maker Tools of 2020

If your interest in flipbook is piqued, then let’s dive in to find out some of the best tools available to create a flipbook.

1. Publuu

Easily convert PDF documents to dynamic Flipbooks using Publuu. Embed multimedia such as videos, photo galleries, audio files, add interactive elements and customize it by adding your branding and colors in minutes.

Convert leads into buyers by capturing the name and contact number.Track interactions of visitors such as page views, time spent on each page and no of clicks using Publuu’s tracking link. You can easily access the flipbooks from any device as online flipbooks are 100% mobile optimized and responsive.

You can share the link of your converted flipbook via social media and embed the same on your website as well.

Take a 2 – weeks free trial and enjoy all the features that are available in premium plan.

2. MyFlipbook

My Flipbook

MyFlipbook is a software (for Windows OS) specially designed to convert PDF to digital Flipbook. The conversion does not alter the appearance of the document and automatically includes all links present in the source PDF. The software offers all the tools to customize the flipbook: ability to add title and description, customization of the logo and background image, enabling search form, zoom and full screen options, PDF download button, etc. Once the flipbook has been created, it can be saved on the PC (for offline use) or uploaded directly online to the servers.

Why Choose MyFlipbook

1. Create interactive PDFs in HTML5 responsive format

2. Flipbook is saved in a single file (.htm) to be easily shared via email or in offline mode.

3. Add Youtube links or videos to the flipbook

4. Ability to add Google Analytics code

5. Option to password protect flipbooks

6. Ability to add a custom logo or background image

7. Customizable flipbook quality (high, medium or low resolution)

3. FlipHtml5

Flip HTML 5

A very popular digital publishing platform, FlipHTML5 creates rich, professional-looking flipbooks. It seamlessly works with Microsoft Office along with PDF and can easily extract text from .pdf, .txt, .doc files, and even images. It also compiles all your flipbooks and it can be displayed in a bookcase. It collects statistics of the users to let you understand more about your target audience. You can use FlipHTML5 as a free tool. However, you may find some great features like the online editor and batch conversion if you explore the paid version. 

Why Choose FlipHTML 5

  • 10+ Templates & Themes which are fully customized to give your flipbook a professional look
  • Create interactive PDF
  • Add multimedia such as audio, link, video & images using the online editor
  • Branding & Monetization
  • Read & access anywhere, anytime
  • Check the statistics of your publication
  • Support 17 languages
  • 24/7 support & Free Trial available

OS: Windows, Mac, Web-based, Cloud, SAAS



PubHTML5 lets you create excellent, professional-looking flipbooks even in the free version. The free flipbook maker offers pre-designed templates and helps convert PDF files or images into flipbooks. Moreover, it lets your flipbook integrate with Google AdSense and also provides extensive online support. The only downside is that the digital publishing platform can be a little slow to turn the pages and cannot be viewed offline while using the trial version. 

OS: Windows, Mac, Web-based, Cloud, SAAS

5. Flipcreator


This digital publishing platform lets you create flipbook mobile apps without you having to code anything. The trial version has almost all the features that are available in the other plans. The experience is extremely smooth and realistic and lets you have unlimited pages in a magazine. You can easily create Android and iOS apps without learning to code. The trial version of Flipcreator can provide a good opportunity for evaluation before you decide if it’s worth investing. 



Paperturn is another page turning software that is extremely efficient in loading the content quickly. With a powerful editor, Paperturn lets you make changes and easily update the flipbook while maintaining the same link shared on the network. With customized privacy options, performance tools, SEO optimization, and lead generation tools, it is an excellent digital publishing platform.Paperturn doesn’t have a free plan. However it offers a free trial period of 14 days.

7. Flipsnack


Flipsnack is an amazing page turning software that provides a lot of customization features clubbed with smart templates depending on the kind of publication you want. The free flipbook maker includes a PDF converter, SEO, and a design studio. It has a separate version for educators and students, letting you embed the flipbook online as well. The only downside is that Flipsnack doesn’t support vector graphics due to which the content looks a little blurry when zoomed in.

Final Conclusion

A flipbook enhances the output of the document without any doubt. With a plethora of page turning software available in the market, we have tried streamlining the list to find the best flipbook makers. We would love to hear about your experiences with our free flipbook maker recommendations.