5 Best Graphic Designing Tools of 2020 – TechPcVipers (Updated 2023)

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In daily life, there are some times when you have problems that are beyond words. Only images and gestures can be used for illustration. It is one of the most efficient ways to explain complex concepts and relationships. Currently, websites and blogs also apply this method a lot in the form of photo graphics. Image of photo graphics is an easy way of visual representation of information, data, or knowledge.

Graphic designs provide complex information through a brief, clear image. Through graphic designs, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians can communicate ideas and concepts clearly, efficiently, and completely.

With technology developed, you can create all kinds of graphic designs via the website quickly.

Let’s find out some easy to use Graphic Designing tools online.  

5 Best Graphic Designing Software of 2020

  1. DesignCap

DesignCap is well-known as DesignCap Infographic Maker, a versatile online infographic design tool. However, in addition to infographics, you can also create other graphics like reports, posters, social media art, presentations, and more. 

DesignCap offers thousands of templates for a wide range of themes, which enables you to embark on the design quickly. It also allows you to create your designs from scratch, getting inspiration from the pro templates completely.

There are millions of lovely stock photos in DesignCap’s online resources and more than millions of icons available with a variety of topics. You can also upload your picture from the computer and insert dynamic maps and other beautiful charts in your creation. It also offers a variety of fonts. You are able to easily change the size and color along with the beautiful text. Using flexible editing tools, you can unleash your creativity fully. When everything looks perfect, you can download it as a JPEG, PNG, PDF, or PPTX file. It also allows you to share via email, social networks, or any other where online with a URL.

2. FotoJet

FotoJet is an online application for photo editing, collage making, and graphic designing. It is packed with many powerful features. Currently, FotoJet is one of the most popular online photo editing applications. It has a friendly interface and fast working speed. All the feature buttons are arranged in an easy-to-see position. It allows you to upload images from computers as well as search images online.

It is effortless to crop, rotate, resize, apply filters, adjust exposure, and contrast to images. Insert text into images, add stickers, and frames to make the image more impressive. After completing the editing process, FotoJet also allows you to download pictures to a computer. At the same time, sharing your design on social networks is also accessible.  

3. Canva

Canva is a website that supports creating Facebook cover images, post images, avatars, presentations, blog graphics, etc. It is another free online tool provided with free and simple image design services. Even if you don’t have any background in art, you can still create beautiful, modern, and unique creations.

In addition to the template samples and images that Canva provides, you will find a variety of paid options, such as copyrighted photographs. But you absolutely can use Canva without spending any money. 

4. Designbold

Similar to Canva, Designbold is a website developed for creating many types of images. With over 60 million pictures and designs sure to leave you a great impression. The development team said that they designed this website as simple as possible for even non-professionals to create unique designs for publications. 

DesignBold gives users access to great design resources. With millions of images, hundreds of fonts, more than 50 document formats, and a collection of professional layout right on your computer. Users can directly save designed to Dropbox efficiently and share files anytime, anywhere on all devices.

5. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is also a free, straightforward, and easy-to-use design tool, which can help users to customize logos within a few minutes without understanding professional design skills. With built-in millions of professional materials, more than 100 stylish font, all you have to do is choose the elements you like and combine them.

DesignEvo is powerful and easy to use, needing no professional design ability. Designing logos or trademarks is generally done by designers. In case you are not very satisfied with the works of designers, you can use DesignEvo to complete the desired logo design yourself.

Final Verdict

Above are some websites that I think the best graphic designing tools this year. They will help the design work of an amateur designer become easier.

Hopefully, you will create the desired designs with these websites!