Top 5 Technology Trends for 2020 according to TechPcVipers

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If there is one thing which is certain, it is the change. Over the years, a lot many things have changed like the lifestyle of people, their perceptions, and most importantly – our technology.

There are some technology trends which fade out over time but some technology trends make their presence felt in the market for a long period of time. In recent times, many technologies have made a successful presence in the market and the same can be expected in the coming years as well.

Technology is playing quite a crucial role in our daily life and thus predicting the next big thing in technology has become essential. From AI to blockchain, there are a wide number of technologies which are waiting to knock in the year 2020.

technology trends 2020

Are you aware of what technology trends will take over the year 2020? No. Feel interested in knowing? Here we have listed some of the technology trends which will be on top in the year 2020, have a look.

Technology Trends for the year 2020

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI):

This technology has been popular since the past many years and it will remain trending in the coming year as well and that too with all its charm.

Computers are now capable of understanding many real-life situations just like humans do and all thanks for this, can be given to Artificial Intelligence. This technology has increased the computing power and data and thus has helped in making many scenarios a reality, which were once a dream.

The more data AI has, the better, precise and accurate it will become. 2020 can expect to offer more data and speed to the technology to grow in a more accurate direction. The speed at which this technology is growing, it is expected that it will take more human tasks in the coming year 2020.

  1. Voice Interactions:

The list of trending technologies for the year 2020 would not get complete without the mention of voice technology in it. Gone are the days when the only voice interaction with the phone was while talking to someone. Slowly and steadily, the voice technology is taking over most of the traditional ways of doing things.

Technologies like Siri and Alexa devices have already introduced us with the power of voice for our day-to-day activities and the coming year will only see this expanding in all the good ways. Voice-based applications will surely trend in the year 2020.

It is expected that voice-based applications will be combined with AI, natural language processing and machine learning to find a greater impact in the coming years.

  1. Blockchain:

The speed at which blockchain is growing and evolving only indicate towards its bright future in the years, especially in 2020. Without a doubt, blockchain technology is here to stay for quite a long period of time. Though, the technology is prevalent only in some handful of industries, it will witness mass adoption in the year 2020.

Many new advancements and elements will be added in the present technology to make it broader for the people. Along with blockchain, cryptocurrencies will also find a broader aspect in people’s lives with a better adoption rate.

According to the experts, people will start doing their daily transactions by making use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies through web3 technology. Are you prepared for this?

  1. 5G:

By the year 2020, the world will be under the benefits of fast internet speed and connection along with the many other perks. 5G will very soon enter the market and post observing the success of its precedents; it will be accepted by people hand-to-hand.

5G will bring benefits like faster internet speed, higher capacities, low latency, and instant connections into reality. These benefits will also be used for autonomous vehicles as well as wireless VR, which again will boost the technology impact in the market.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT):

2020 will also witness a whole new IoT world with advancements and expansions in the technology. Though the acceptance of the technology has been limited in the past time, but the future holds a different story altogether. Almost every aspect of this technology will be made smarter in the coming time.

A prediction has been made by HIS that around 75 billion devices would support the arrival of this technology in the year 2020. Now, don’t you think that 2020 will see a whole new impactful IoT technology?

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Final Conclusion

Mixed with some amazing technologies, 2020 is all set and prepared to welcome many new technologies. Along with these technologies, 2020 will also witness a lot of advancements in technologies like face recognition, automation, edge computing, and chatbots.

Now, without any second thoughts, these technologies will knock at your door in the year 2020.

Are you prepared to welcome these technologies with all their worth?


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