Backup your photos, videos with USB Picture Storage Device – PhotoBackupstick

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Have you been looking for one of the devices in which you can store the contents of your entire gallery so that you do not have to search for the same later? If that is the case, then you need to go for the Photo Backup Stick in the first place. There are times when you would want to indulge in the USB picture storage that you have while your device is getting formatted and even is lost due to some unforeseen circumstances. In cases like those, the Photo Backup Stick, as well as the PhotoBackup Stick DC, always comes in handy. The one for the android is meant to be used on the smartphones as well as the tablets.

Photo Backup Stick
PhotoBackup Stick Dc for Android

A Brief Overview

The Photo Stick photo and video backup tool comes with a really great design and has been brought up by the professionals in a very compact and comprehensive manner. Its looks are absolutely similar to that of a flash drive and it is portable therefore convenient to carry as well. It has an in-built software to go through all the folders to mark and take out the pictures and videos that you have lost the track to. It is an impressive factor that the Photo Backup Stick as well as the Photo Backup Stick for Android works on the images + videos. Its primary agenda of use is, of course, the USB Picture Storage and the best part about it are that it functions automatically without the help of any command as such.

Data failure is such a common thing that most of the people have been able to experience in the past. It has been recorded that about 40% of the computer users have seen data failure have been able to experience it. It is one of the major reasons why you should be getting yourself a Photo Backup Stick and if you are a smartphone user, the Photo Backup Stick for Android. All you have to do is one single step and you will be able to transfer all the files that you want to the device of your convenience. If you have been cherishing some of the golden memories that had been kept in your device, then it could be gone in a flick if you do not have the backup stick along with you all the time.

What are the features of the Photo Backup Stick and Photo Backup Stick DC for Android?

Now let us take a glance at the best of the Photo Stick Backup Device features so that you can have the essence to the same.

  • Backup in a single click

Photo Backup Stick which also comes in the Photo Backup Stick DC for Android is one of the best things that you can ever have when it comes to giving you a hassle-free experience. This is because it can be operated in a single click and you do not have to do much effort in keeping the backup of the files that you want to be stored. All that needs to be done is to plug in the drive and clock on the Go button. Therefore you can engage in some other works simultaneously while the entire process is being done.

  • Compatibility

If you have been looking for a backup device that is compatible with all kinds of files, then your search ends here. This is because indifferent of the kind of format your images are stored in- jpg, png and so on, it can be backed up without much ado. You will be able to store all your old as well as new pictures and all of them will be absolutely up to the mark-   not to forget portable too!

  • Fast paced process

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours on end to get the backup ready and done. Now, not only the process is automatic for this device, but it is also a lot faster than anticipated. Now you will not have to categorize the files and keep them in separate folder thereby wasting your time. All you have to do is to click on the button and it will do its work automatically. So you do not need to be tech-savvy to keep the backup.

  • No requirement of Internet

Even if you have poor internet connectivity you do not have to worry regarding the backup because the backup happens directly and it is not a cloud storage system. So you can actually use the device worry-free. It has the capacity of storing at least 6000 photos so that is another additional good thing.

In the case of the Photo Backup Stick for Android, you will be able to connect the device with your Android smartphone or tablet easily and get all the backups done. It is a very simple process that you need to take care of, and even that requires no internet connectivity as well!

Advantages of the Photo Backup Stick as well as the Photo Backup Stick for Android

  1. No extra expenses

One of the major things about the photo backup devices is that you will not have to pay for the monthly expenses of the cloud storage and therefore you will be able to save a lot of time as well as money. If you have something very important, then only you will be needing the assistance of the cloud storage. The investment is just one time as you only have to pay for the gadget.

2. The productivity of the device

If you are worried about how this device can actually help you, then you need to understand that the primary agenda of this element is to initiate the backup. That is why you will be able to avoid spending the collection and transfer of data by letting this thing work on its own.

3. Security assurance

If you are worried regarding the kind of security that this Photo Backup Stick can give you, then you can rest assured because it actually is something that you can definitely rely on. There will be absolutely no security breach and you will not have to feel the pain of losing all your photos because of the constant backing service that it gives.

How can you use the Photo Backup Stick? Is it the same for the Android version?

If you are wondering whether this USB picture storage works similar to the normal flash drive, then let us clear that you are partially correct. It is a gadget that works on any computer that has a USB drive. Once the computer is turned on and it is running, all you have to do is to plug it in the computer. After a few moments, you will be able to see that there is a dialogue box that has popped up on the window and there you will see a Go button. Once you click on it, the process will start automatically after the permission has been granted to gain access to the hard drive of the device that you have put it in. The same works for the Photo Backup Stick for Android.

Now how fast the action will start depends on a number of parameters regarding the kind of computer you have and the size of the files that you need the backup to. It helps you in marking and finding out the files that already have been lost so that it can be backtracked and you can get them all over again.

How many photos can be backed up with the help of the Photo stick?

It is one of the very few questions that most of the consumers ask about the device. In the online as well as the offline markets you will be able to witness a number of variants of the photo stick and the backup capacity depends on the kind of variant you are indulging in. If it is an 8GB model, then it can store at least 3500 phots approximately. If it is the 64GB variant, then it has the tenacity to hold at least 30000 photos. And if it is the 128GB storage one, then you can have a backup of 60, 000 photos and even more at times. But the count is definitely going to vary if you are going to get the videos backed up as well.

Final Conclusion

As an endnote, we would like to all that the Photo Backup Stick is one of the most phenomenal and innovative things that has been launched in the market to end the problems of photo backup. Now with the help of this device, everything has turned out to be hassle-free and fast paced so it has been able to gain immense popularity in the markets as well. Since photostick is compatible with most of the systems- actually anything with a USB port, therefore you can grab one now to get your purpose served.