SegMetrics Review 2024: Web Analytics Software for Revenue Optimization (Updated)

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Web Analytics Software

Sales and marketing teams constantly search for ways to identify new leads and convert them into customers. Finding the right target market is vital for a business to succeed in competitive conditions. Market and lead analytics are essential to gather the necessary information and insights to promote the brand and attract the target audience. 

SegMetrics is a comprehensive lead analysis and segmentation software that automates and streamlines the entire process. We’ll review SegMetrics in detail to determine its effectiveness for marketers and sales teams.

Why Use SegMetrics?

SegMetrics is a US-based company founded in 2015. It aims to provide reliable, useful, and efficient lead management software for businesses and freelance marketers. Revenue optimization is a priority for sales and marketing teams. You can’t spend unlimited money on leads who may or maybe convert into customers. 

Customer LTV (lifetime value) calculations help marketers identify potential and measure the predictive LTV of each lead. However, this is easier said than done. You should consider several factors and use real-time data to decide a customer’s worth. This data is provided by the SegMetrics software tool. You can track thousands of leads and their value at each touch point in the sales journey. 

➢ It offers cloud and web-based services (SaaS)

➢ Customer support through chat, email, and phone 

➢ One-to-one onboarding 

➢ API integration 

➢ Dedicated account manager 

➢ Self-hosted pixel tracking to avoid ad-blockers 

➢ Third-party integrations (Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, DataStudio, etc.) 

➢ Quarterly data reviews 

➢ Easy set up (takes only a few minutes to get started) 

➢ Automatic data migration when switching from other market analytics software 

➢ Greater accuracy (down to the last dollar) 

➢ Data transparency and analysis 

Products/ Services Offered by SegMetrics

SegMetrics offers the following services: 

1.) Lifetime Value Tracking 

Why be happy with one-time customers and short-term goals? Focus on the long-term to build brand loyalty and strengthen your customer base. Track and measure the lifetime value of each customer and optimize your strategies to increase retention and repeat purchases. SegMetrics provides detailed reports with understandable insights to make the right decisions. 

2.) Team Dashboards 

Segmetrics Dashboard

Dashboards are a must for marketers to access the necessary information. Collaborate with team members and share the insights with a couple of clicks. Get a micro and macro view of the data reports and create visualizations. The SegMetrics dashboards can be customized based on the roles and responsibilities of the users. 

3.) Ad & Lead Attribution 

Make sure that the marketing reports are transparent, accurate, and up to date. No duplication or guesswork. SegMetrics allows you to measure your success based on sales instead of the number of leads you attract. Have control over the customer journey, no matter how complex it is. 

4.) Funnel Optimization 

Audit every metric in your marketing funnel

Optimize each step of your customer funnel through tested methods. Run tests to determine how the touchpoints change based on the changes in relevant factors. Fine-tune your marketing strategy and techniques to generate higher ROI for optimal investments. 

SegMetrics Pricing Details 

SegMetrics offers a 14-day free trial and has three price plans to choose from. It offers monthly and annual subscriptions.

Segmetrics Pricing
  • Starter Plan: $175/m; unlimited users, full LTV reporting, 10-hour data sync, landing page web tracking, can purchase conversion API, one-to-one onboarding
  • Business Plan: $495/m; all features of Starter Plan plus 6-hour data sync, full journey web tracking, dedicated account manager
  • Enterprise Plan: Starts at $15k/year; custom reporting, advanced user permissions, custom data retention, PO billing 

You can add more contacts to your plan without upgrading to the next one. You will be billed $10 extra for every 10,000 unique contacts you add to the list (beyond the upper limit of your plan). The software can be scaled to manage more than three million contacts, depending on your business requirements. The enterprise plan is customized for large businesses. 

Pros & Cons 


✓ Delivers a clear picture of the leads and LTV 

✓ The leads can be identified despite anonymous tracking 

✓ Provides data for the entire sales journey 

✓ Easy setup and straightforward to use 

✓ Good customer service 

✓ Trustworthy and reliable tool

✓ The flexible pricing is convenient for a growing business 


✗ The user interface can be better 

✗ No desktop or mobile version 

Final Words 

SegMetrics is used by more than 3000 digital marketers and leading companies in the global market. It is flexible, scalable, and easy to use. You can follow and track the lead’s journey from first to end and get in-depth insights. 

The software and API can be seamlessly integrated with the existing CRM systems and marketing tools. This streamlines the lead management process and helps you make better decisions in a quick time. The company constantly works on improving the software and adding more features. SegMetrics is the market analytics tool for any business.