Admation Review 2024:- Project & Workflow Management Software for Marketing Team (Updated)

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Admation - Project Management Software

Are you still doing repetitive tasks like updating excel sheets, handling notes, and participating in regular meetings? Usually, Project Management (PM) is time-consuming and unproductive for small to midsize firms. And that’s a waste of time and energy. As there is some software available to handle your project with a glance only. 

Admation is one of the best project & approval management Software for creative & marketing teams and it offers an end-to-end solution to handle and deliver marketing projects support. If you’re looking for more features along with project management, you have to pay special attention to Admation’s capabilities.

Overview of Admation – Project Management Software

Admation - All right tools in one place

Now you may have a question: What is Admation? 

Admation is a software developed by experts for project planning, approval handling, resource disbursement, asset management, and many more tasks. This Software helps project managers, as well as creative teams, to manage their accounts, quality handling, and all documentation needed during a project. 

Admation - Project Planning

Also, most of the firms spend lots of money per year on project management software. But if you’re looking for a budget-friendly project management tool then buy Admation. It is an amazing software that’s reasonable for even the most cash-strapped staff. 

Admation’s easy, yet effective to facilitate the peaceful management of projects. With its comprehensive range of collaborative features, this smart, and easy project management software is a well-known option for teams that want to save time and energy. 

Admation not only enhances team productivity but the outcome is also a milestone-driven improvement that keeps teams motivated, insuring any business’s objectives are achieved on time.

Admation Features

Admation has numerous features and each is helpful to any industry to do planning and management by doing some clicks only. This software is so simple that anyone from your team can manage it without any hassle. From all the features of Admation, here we explore 4 integrated modules like Project Management, Resource Management, Approval Workflow, and Asset Management. With these 4 features with some additional capabilities, Admation became one of the recognized software for project management and planning software for creative teams of any industry.

Let’s explore 4 main features of Admation here:

1. Project Management

In any firm, managing a project is highly important and for the same, you need excellent project management software. Admation’s the project management team offers you features like:

  • Briefing a project with a little summary or note gathered requirements 
  • Planning projects with complete accuracy and clarity
  • Managing all the projects with their current status and required improvements in one place only 

2. Resource Management

If you are handling so many projects at a time then definitely you need to manage all resources and Admation offers a Resource Management feature to schedule all resources. It allows you to use your resources to their complete capacities by assigning and re-assigning resources. 

  • Task Management: In a team, you may not know that resources are allocated to which tasks. Admation helps you to schedule your resources and set a schedule for each. 
  • Managing Resources: It will help you to check exactly what your resources are doing at any time. So it becomes easy to manage resources. 
  • Tracking Time: There is a time tracking feature where you can estimate performance and time for your team’s tasks and you can schedule future resources precisely.

3. Approval Workflow

Admation offers some approval workflow tools that ensure that the project is available to the right teammate at the right time. This software gives your real time data to track your projects and approvals with a user-friendly structure. Here you can also set reminders so it will save your time in taking feedback.

  • Approvals: You can get approvals of the projects here in software so you do not have to waste time in taking feedbacks.
  • Proofing: It will offer you a shared place where you can do proofing with waiting for emails and approvals. 
  • Managing: definitely, it will save you time and reduce the risk of errors. Everything is going to be managed from one place only. 

4. Asset Management

Admation’s fourth feature is asset management in which you can keep your final projects and brand assets in this tool’s storage. We assure you of the security of your private assets. We can consider it a central secure place where you can protect your most valuable assets.

  • Assets: You can easily store your brand’s assets here so you will also find it whenever you need it without any issue. 
  • Ad Storage: You can store your final ads in this tool so when you want to set your campaign again.
  • Accessible: Assets stored in Admation can be accessed anytime online. So the teams should work remotely from a different place. 

Admation Pricing

Admation Project Management Software is for every organization from small to big firms

As per the requirement for no of users, you can select any of the plans which are Team, Business, Enterprise, and Agency.

Admation Pricing

Below are the details:-

1.) Team (1 – 10 Users)

Ultimate approval control for small teams

  • Manage all documents from one location
  • Live Marketing Calendar
  • One tool to manage approval
  • Online Proofing

2.) Business (11 – 100 users)

Are you juggling multiple projects?

Do you want to make your clients happy? Try Business Plan

All features of team plus

  • Customised brief templates
  • Checklists to failproof your approvals
  • Resource Planning Tool
  • Digital asset management

3.) Enterprise (100 + users)

Unprecedented visibility and tracking for internal and external global teams

  All features of business plus

  • One tool to manage your projects, approvals and resources
  • Unlimited reviewers
  • SSO
  • Custom reporting tools
  • Marketing Compliance

4.) Agency (Agency + Clients)

  For agencies managing both internal creative teams and external clients

  • Build a perfect project team
  • Secure 3rd party approvals
  • Audit trail of work
  • Integrated BCC final software
  • Custom reporting tools

Final Conclusion

So with so many project management features, Admation is one of the most reliable project and approval management software available for any creative team that allows them to complete a project on time.

Fill in the form and Admation team will arrange a 40 minutes online product tour so that you have a better understanding how the project management tool works.