Heyzine Vs. Flipsnack:- In-Depth Comparison 2023:- Which Should You Choose?  

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Online flipbooks are attractive and user-friendly. They enhance user experience and make content look more appealing. Moreover, it takes just a few minutes to convert a boring PDF into an interactive flipbook and share it with others. 

Hayzine and Flipsnack are two well-known flipbook creators in the market. But which one should you choose and why? Let’s find out in this post. 

Heyzine Overview (✓ Most Affordable Flipbook Maker)

Founded in 2017 Heyzine is a highly customizable flipbook maker with beginner-friendly features and scalability. It can be used by anyone (individuals or agencies) to convert PDFs into flipbooks and embed them into different websites. The platform also provides intriguing Flipbook ideas to create a plethora of online magazines, brochures, reports, catalogs, menus, eBooks, etc. It has no ads or watermarks. 

Flipsnack Overview 

Flipsnack is the most complex flipbook maker with premium features. It has a design studio that allows users to create unique and eye-catching flipbooks and customize them accordingly. The platform allows users to embed the flipbooks to other websites and share them with a wide range of audiences. It is useful for collaboration with team members when designing a flipbook. 

Heyzine Vs. Flipsnack

You can see that both platforms offer many similar features like branding, sharing, embedding, widgets, social media buttons, customization, statistics, etc. Here, we will analyze their similarities and differences in detail. 

1.) Ease of Use  

Heyzine is beginner-friendly and has been designed for newbies. People with limited technical experience can also use the platform to convert PDFs into flipbooks and lookbooks. The features are straightforward, resulting in a shorter onboarding time. Users can add links, widgets, and images and create bookshelves through the platform. 

Flipsnack is a little complex as it is aimed at users with some technical expertise. It has more features in the design studio to provide additional customization options. The platform helps create virtual bookshelves. It also has options to add hyperlinks, images, and social media buttons to the flipbooks. 

While Flipsnack may have slightly more editing/ customizing options, Heyzine is much easier to work with.

2.) Suitable For 

Heyzine can be used by individuals (for personal use), teams, agencies, businesses, etc. It is useful for marketing, promotions, education, real estate, etc.

Flipsnack is versatile and meant for educational and business purposes. It can be used by teachers, marketers, agents, students, and others. 

3.) Collaboration and Sharing 

Heyzine allows teams to co-design and convert PDFs into flipbooks and lookbooks. Users can create and customize Squarespace Flipbook and share it with others through a single click. The platform automatically generats thumbnails and previews for the flipbooks when the links are shared on different social media and social networking apps. 

Flipsnack offers better collaboration features and allows teams to organize their projects efficiently. It also makes communication easier through notes, roles, permissions, etc. Team members can simultaneously work on the same project, leave notes/ messages for each other. 

4.) Data Security and Privacy 

In Heyzine, the content uploaded to the platform is private by default. Users can change the privacy settings when sharing the flipbooks with others. They can also set passwords to prevent unauthorized access. 

Flipsnack prevents unlisted flipbooks from showing up on the flipbook profile to maintain privacy. It also allows users to create passwords and change settings to keep confidential flipbooks private. 

5.) Resources 

Heyzine offers educational and informative resources for users to understand how the platform works. It has FAQs, guides, and other know-how content to create Wix Flipbook, lookbook, use Canva for flipbooks, generate QR codes, etc.  

Flipsnack offers educational resources through blogs, FAQs, and free Flipsnack Academy, where users can train how to use the platform. The Academy is an online center with tutorials and lessons. 

6.) Pricing 

Heyzine has four price plans – Free, Standard, Professional, and Premium. Users can choose a monthly or annual subscription (discounted price). The company accepts US, Australian, and Canadian dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. The pricing is budget-friendly and affordable. 

Flipsnack has three pricing plans – Starter, Professional, and Business with monthly and annual subscriptions (discounted price). The prices are listed in US dollars. While there is no free plan, the company offers a 14-day free trial for first-time users. 

Both companies offer custom plans based on user requirements. 

7.) Integrations:-

Flipsnack – Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Heyzine is a  complete winner here, integration via Adobe Portfolio, Canva, Moodle, SquareSpace, Wix and WordPress

8.) Customer Support 

Heyzine offers reliable customer support and can be contacted through email, website, or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Flipsnack provides customer service through email, phone, and live chat during business hours. 

9.) Contact Details:-


  • Company Address – Calle Santa Isabel, 21 08840 Viladecans Barcelona, Spain
  • Email:- support@heyzine.com 


  • Company Address:- 37310 Ruth Dr, Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48312-1977, USA.
  • Email:- Contact@flipsnack.com

Final Words 

We can conclude that Heyzine is a better choice due to its ease of use, reliable customer support, and affordable pricing. Furthermore, it offers a free plan without a time limit. Users can continue using the platform for free to create flipbooks and customize them as necessary, without watermarks. 

Our team has been using both platforms but rated Heyzine higher for usability, mobile-friendliness, price, data security, and API access.