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Content marketing is an inherent part of digital marketing services. Be it social media posts, blogs, or even descriptions for videos and podcasts, everything needs a body of text to provide more information to the readers. 

While many experienced content writers are in the market, having an AI-based content writing assistant can help create posts in less time. Writing content for PPC ads and other online advertisements requires expertise. It’s important to know the right keywords and phrases to reach maximum users. What if an AI-based tool can help you achieve this? 

Typli is an SEO-friendly writing assistant that generates high-quality content for marketers and freelancers. It can be used for short-form and long-form content. 

Typli.AI - AI Content Writing Assistant

Overview of Typli – AI Writing Assistant

Atlas Web Solutions developed Typli, a web agency started by experienced web developers and marketers. It is an efficient tool based on artificial intelligence and has been designed to produce SEO-friendly content. There’s no need to optimize the content after it’s written. The content generated by Typli is ready to be shared with the world right away. 

Moreover, the SEO checker of Typli allows you to analyze the website and optimize the content for long-lasting SEO results. The tool also offers various features and commands to customize the content and fine-tune it to meet your exact requirements. 

Features of Typli (Next Generation AI Writing Tool)

Typli can create content for link building, search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertising, etc. 

  • Unlimited Content: There’s no limit to the content you can produce using Typli. The tool doesn’t put any restrictions on the volume of content you want to generate. 
  • Export Options: The generated content can be exported as a PDF or a word document. 
  • Text Spinning: There’s no need to write a fresh article when Typli can spin content and create a new piece from the existing one. 
  • Keyword Traffic Estimation: You can include more relevant keywords to the content using the SEO checker feature. 
  • Browser Extension: Typli can be used as a browser extension on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. WordPress users can install the plugin directly.
browser extensions and WP plugin

Reasons to use Typli.AI Writing Assistant

An AI writing assistant is a software tool that automatically generates content for the given parameters. It can be used to create content for any business in any industry. The main purpose of using automated tools is to produce more content in less time without compromising quality or risking plagiarism.

What other reasons do businesses have to use AI writing assistants like Typli? 


Artificial intelligence-based writing tools are used for repeated content generation. The tools deliver fast results when the same content has to be presented in multiple ways. The same content is spun to create more posts that appear unique and don’t cause plagiarism issues.


Currently, AI tools haven’t yet replaced humans. They are virtual assistants that help copywriters and marketers create premium content for the given keywords. The tools are useful when the writer is on a tight deadline or has writer’s block.

Search Engine Optimization 

Another advantage of AI-writing assistants is that the content created by the software is optimized for search engines. Marketers can assess the quality of content on the websites and replace it with content that’s already optimized. This will increase website rank and take the business to more consumers on the internet.

Easy to Use

Writing assistants like Typli is easy to use. There are no complex functions or navigations that confuse the users. Moreover, the developers of the tool provide support services to assist businesses with large-scale implementation. Typli provides 24*7 customer support to its clients. 

Pros and Cons


  • It’s an easy-to-use interface 
  • The features are simple and effective 
  • SEO-friendly content 
  • Works well with long-form content 
  • Time-saving 
  • The extension works with different browsers 


  • Typli is not multi-lingual, supports only one language i.e, English 

Typli.AI Useful for

Student, Marketers, Copywriters, Content Creators and Businesses

Typli.AI Pricing

Get 7 days free trial where 4000 characters are allowed. Upgrade to the paid version once you are satisfied and opt for a monthly/yearly plan

Monthly Plan ($29/month)

Go for Yearly Plan ($290) to save $58 – 2 months cost saved here

In both the plans you will get unlimited credits for the whole month +

  • Generate Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited SEO Checker
  • Get access to Chrome and Mozilla extensions
  • Add WordPress Plugin
  • Use SEO Analytics
  • Access to spin text and copyscape
  • Export your content in DOC & PDF
  • Numerous Writing Options
  • Use of customizable Tools
  • Access to our newest features
  • 24/7 Email support

What Typli Customers Say?

Final Conclusion

Overall Typli.AI is a solid AI-Writing assistant along with a built-in SEO checker to create top-quality content in seconds.

A must-have tool for all content writers and marketers.

Let us know your experience after using Typli.AI