Setupad Review: Monetization Platform for Publishers to Generate Revenue 

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SetupAD - Earn Money from Ads

The market is full of ad optimization and monetization platforms. Publishers/ website owners can sign up and join the networks to place ads on their sites and increase their revenue. However, not all platforms are trustworthy or reliable. In such instances, which platform should you choose? What is a safe and worthy alternative for Google AdSense? 

Setupad is a website monetization platform that uses header bidder technology to help publishers connect their ad inventory with 20+ best SSPs and increase website’s ad revenue. Additionally, they provide extra support regarding website optimization to reach the best results.  Let’s review Setupad and learn more about its features to understand how it works. 

Setupad Overview

Setupad is an ad monetization platform for websites with at least 100,000 visitors a month. They help to increase the ad revenue by a minimum of 30%, though some clients have reported a whopping 300% increase after joining Setupad. 

The company prides itself on offering top-class customer support to its clients. Setupad sets up each publisher with a dedicated account executive to help publishers choose the best ad formats for the website and streamline the ads on the site. You can rely on the tech support team via email, phone, or chat.

Setupad also has a detailed knowledge base and training videos on the website. It’s up to you whether you want to learn on your own or have help from the team. They provide cloud-based, web-based, and SaaS services to clients.

Setupad - Monetization Platform

Features of Setupad 

Setupad helps you connect with 20+ ad-inventory supply platforms (including Google). This gives you wider access to numerous ad buyers. You can ensure that only high-quality ads are placed on your website. Ads that don’t meet your requirements can be removed. 

Header Bidding Wrapper and SaaS

This is also known as pre-bidding or advanced bidding, where publishers provide advertising space simultaneously to several ad exchanges. With header bidding you increase your ad revenue by allowing multiple buyers to bid on your ad inventory and letting the highest bidder win. Setupad offers header bidding in two ways:

1.) Header Bidding Wrapper

Header Bidding Wrapper

Wrapper works the best if your monthly website traffic volume lies between 100,000 and 500,000. Since Setupad uses a cloud-based setup, the ads will be delivered faster than the average rate. You can install the Setupad Chrome extension to get real-time updates about the bids, ad placement’s average eCPM in the last minute, daily results on a particular ad tag, etc. Additionally, with the extension, you can report unwanted ads. For example, if a competitor is advertising on your website, you can report the ad and stop this from happening in the future. With the Header Bidding Wrapper, Setupad works on a commission-based model, the revenue is paid to the publisher directly by Setupad.

2.) Header Bidding SaaS

Header Bidding SaaS

The SaaS version is for larger websites with more than 500,000 monthly traffic volume. You’ll have to use the customized prebid. js-based header bidding software that takes care of managing the bids on your behalf. You can either connect the solution with your own  SSP accounts or use the ones Setupad has. While the implementation is more complex than with Header Bidding Wrapper, it provides better returns. The account manager will handle the software and code.  With this solution, you get the ad revenue directly from each SSP and there is a fixed CPM fee that the publisher has to pay to Setupad.

AdBlock Monetization 

Around 40% of internet users depend on AdBlock tools and extensions to prevent ads from showing during their browsing experience. But AdBlock extensions reduce your ad revenue. Setupad scores brownie points here by offering non-intrusive ads that will continue to appear for the user despite the AdBlocker. It offers non-intrusive ads in different formats like video, native, mobile, sticky, and desktop. 

Flexible Advertising 

Placing ads on the website will not automatically increase your revenue. You need to put ads that suit your visitor’s preferences and requirements. This requires analytics and in-depth insights. Setupad uses the most advanced ad formats with high viewability and CPMs while respecting the user experience. Additionally, the platform offers guidance and tips for each publisher depending on their website design, layout, and current ad setup so you never have to worry about optimizations.

You can choose from video, native ads, and display ads,  just to name a few.

Mobile-Friendly Ads 

Ads not optimized for mobile phones can irritate the visitors and force them to avoid your website. Prevent this by optimizing ads for various devices and screen sizes. Setupad customizes ads for mobile phones and desktops and uses the best-performing ad formats and sizes to reach highest advertising demand. 

Mobile Friendly Ads


  • A good alternative for Google AdSense 
  • Reliable and efficient customer support 
  • Definite increase in earnings 
  • User-friendly analytics dashboard with custom recommendations to optimize your ad setup for better performance
  • Multi-device-friendly
  • Third-party integrations 
  • Easy to remove poor-quality ads 


  • Not suitable for all sites 
  • Minimum payout of 100€

Final Words 

Setupad is a great choice for websites with good traffic volume (100,000 website visitors a month). The platform accepts smaller sites based on their potential and growth. However, you’ll find it easier to use AdSense for much smaller or newer websites. Our suggestion would be to switch to Setupad when your site reaches  75,000 traffic volume. 

With features like AdBlock monetization, flexibility, and multi-device-friendly ads, Setupad will increase your ad revenue while also improving the website’s rating. You will have to rely on the account manager to create ad placement codes, but they are fast and efficient.