Collect leads from your Facebook Group using Groupboss (CRM For FB Group owners and Community Leaders)

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Collect leads from your Facebook Group

It is no longer enough to deliver a product or service in today’s digital environment. To create a thriving business, you need to build an engaged community around your products. The FB Group is a powerful tool for building relationships, growing your community and generating revenue .But not everyone wants to spend hours managing their FB Group. Although, Facebook groups are a great way to increase your following and promote your brand.

Do you own facebook groups but don’t know how to monetize the same and generate leads?

This is where CRM comes in. CRM stands for “customer relationship management”, and it basically means you can automate tasks that you would generally have to do manually. With CRM, you can schedule posts, set up notifications, and monitor the group without having to log on every day! You can easily turn your FB Group into a revenue-generating machine with the right CRM solution. Groupboss has everything you need to manage your Facebook group like an expert, including access to exclusive training videos, blog content and guides on how to build your group into a community that’s worth investing in.

Always remember that your facebook group description defines the purpose behind creating the group for better engagement and organic reach.

Groupboss is beneficial for:

1.) Coaches and Consultants who require additional clients

2.) Content creators that want more visibility for their work 

3.) Trainers and creators of online courses need more selling or more subscribers

4.) NGOs that require more donations

5.) Ecommerce companies and organizations that want to build a loyal customer base

6.) Homemakers looking for a second career 

7.) Product or service community manager

8.) Software and support communities to keep their members informed and engaged

9.) For any group or community leader who wants to get email updates 

Why do you need Groupboss to manage all your Facebook Groups and generate Leads?

Lead contact information

Groupboss is not a generic social media management solution that allows you to post and administer your group, approve posts, participate in conversations, and so on. You’ll need Groupboss if you’re planning to:

  • You’re too preoccupied with managing your Facebook group to think of new ways to grow your business and group.
  • Want to automate your lead management and sales funnel?
  • When utilising Groupboss, you commonly neglect to collect email or phone numbers as leads from new group members.
  • You’re unable to maintain or monitor your email lead nurturing process, and as a result, you’re losing sales.
  • You’d like to hire an assistant to help you with all of these things, but it’s tough to find a dependable service, train them, and do it without breaking the bank.
  • You use Groupboss, but you have some extra work to complete every day, such as confirming customer emails, so they don’t bounce back and affect your spam score.
  • You have a paid list or membership site and need to cross-reference the users with your database of subscribers.

Benefits and Features of using Groupboss

Setup in 60 seconds – Save your brainpower for closing deals with one-click extension installation. It’s a no-brainer setup that takes less than a minute. Log in once and obtain all of your Group members’ data in one spot, along with all of their history. You may download and use your DATA in any way you see fit.

Custom and Lookalike Audiences with One Click – Spend less money on Facebook advertisements and get better results. Using your group members’ names and email addresses, Groupboss will generate a personalized audience. You may then use this information to establish a custom audience or a lookalike audience to advertise on Facebook. This saves money and allows Facebook to provide laser-targeted adverts.

No more copy-pasting or low-level administrative activities – Groupboss automates your workflow and saves you time copying and pasting responses from new group members, as well as other low-level administrative activities. If you can save 20 minutes per day, you’ll have an extra 10 hours per month. You can put this spare time to good use by concentrating on your company’s growth. Groupboss deserves kudos!!!

→ Create an unlimited number of leads, send them emails, and manage all of your Facebook group members with detailed information in one place.

→ 24/7 Support by real people

→ Secure payment 

→ Provide Integration with your favorite tools

→ Best customer experience

→ For learning chat and video available 

→ Use Google chrome extension and install in one click 

→ Free Trial

Integrations with Tools 


Integration with popular tools with the functionality gives Groupboss muscle. It provides almost all widespread integration and lots more in the pipeline. With these integrations, you find all functionality in one place. Some useful tools are:














Groupboss Pricing Plans

Accelerate your company’s growth to collect unlimited leads from your Facebook Groups and skyrocket your business.

Groupboss has 2 pricing plans

Yearly Popular (Influencer) –  $99 

  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Add up to 5 Facebook Groups
  • Configure Google sheets
  • Unlimited Auto Responders
  • Software updates are free for lifetime
  • Export all data in CSV format
  • Create FB custom and looka like audience
  • VIP FB group for users
  • Facebook Business support
  • Exclusive support through zoom/skype

Mega Plan Life time ($299) – Includes all features of Yearly Popular

In both of the pricing plans you will get a 7 days free trial and 14 days refund policy if you don’t like the Groupboss.

Pros and Cons of using Groupboss


  • Automate your workflows
  • Easy and simple to setup
  • Get unlimited leads
  • Google sheets sync
  • Lifetime access
  • Free Training
  • In-depth search filters


  • Groupboss will not work on the facebook mobile app

Final Conclusion

A Facebook Group can help you build relationships, provide value, create new opportunities, and make money!  And when you combine these three elements, you’ve got a recipe for success. Groupboss is that recipe maker. It makes your life easier by saving hours. So, go ahead with this automation solution to give your business an edge and devote your time growing your business, not to collect mess. For your team, Groupboss is the best automation service. 

Go for a lifetime deal and save your money.