Vyper.ai Review 2023:- Grow your Business using Viral Marketing Tool (Updated)

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Vyper - Viral Marketing Tool

Having a strong online presence is compulsory if you want to build your brand. In fact, it’s no more enough for people to recognize your brand. The increasing competition has made it hard to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Everyone wants something extra and special. 

How can you keep your customers engaged with your business? Reward points are being used by several businesses to show that they care about their loyal customers. But how do you attract online users? 

Fun or informative posts can bring followers who may or may not convert into customers. Also, these are time-consuming techniques. What you need is a cool contest that’ll make people stop scrolling and check out your post. 

Online giveaways are a tried and tested method to bring referral traffic to your website. By creating the giveaway rules carefully, you can increase your brand’s visibility and generate revenue. So how do you create a social media giveaways? There are several ways to do so. But the best method is to use a platform like Vyper to customize the giveaway and increase user participation. Get new subscriptions, sales, and prospective leads in less time. 

What is Vyper?

Vyper is an online platform that lets you create a giveaway and share it in just ten minutes. There is no need to spend hours of your time designing the giveaway template from scratch. Enter the details, choose the color scheme and elements, and post the giveaway on social media platforms. 

Encourage users to participate and share the giveaway using a single click. Grow your subscribers and increase revenue by attracting your target audiences. Incentivize sharing your posts so that users will bring more referral traffic to your site. 

Key Features of Vyper

  • Create engaging visual content for your marketing campaign
  • Cheating detection
  • Pixel tracking
  • Easy Integration with popular email marketing platforms
  • Social Proof
  • Create a customer loyalty program
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Referral analytics tool
  • Landing pages and templates
  • 3 different display modes – website widget, embedded forms, and landing pages
  • Awesome prize ideas for your next giveaway

Type of Campaigns You Can Create using Vyper

Below are the types of campaign you can create using Vyper

→ Run Viral Giveaways, contests.

→ User Generated Content

→ ComboReward/Referral Program

→ Referral/Ambassador Program

→ Pre-Launch/Waitlist Campaign

→ Milestone Contest

→ Leaderboard

How to setup a Campaign on Vyper (Step by Step process)

Wouldn’t it be easy if you could create and post a giveaway in a handful of minutes? Imagine the time you’ll save. 

Step 1:  Create your account first, enter your email, name.

Step 2: Click on the ‘new campaign’ tab to enter the contest details

Step 3:- Select the type of campaign you want to create

Step 3: Use the visual designer UI to create the giveaway. You have countless options to customize it to match your brand. The landing page of your giveaway will decide the success of the event. Make the most of the visual designer to create a landing page that urges users to take part in the event and subscribe to your business. 

Step 4: Vyper offers eight templates to choose from. Pick one that suits your campaign. Is it a rewards program, a giveaway, a milestone contest, or a pre-launch event? The template should match the purpose of the campaign. 

Choose the template

Step 4: How do you want the campaign to be displayed? Vyper lets you choose from three modes- Landing page, embedded form (for subscriptions), and contest widget. The signup form can be embedded into the webpage of your choice. And for the widget, you can create one in the intercom style that pops up on the screen when a user opens the link. 

Choose Display Mode

Step 5: It’s time to give users the reward for their participation. If the campaign was about reward points, congratulate them for completing the necessary steps and add a pre-decided number of points to their profile. 

Step 6:- Modify all your campaign settings

  • Email Integrations & Webhooks
  • Cheater security & Email settings

The advanced engine of Vyper helps you to prevent cheaters from doing fraud. It generates ‘cheater score’ that will help you to know who to remove from the contest

  • Tracking codes & Pixels

Enter your Facebook Pixel to track conversions just to understand the behaviour of your audience so that you can create your audience.

  • Advanced Features (Favicon & social proof)

What Sets Vyper Apart 

The biggest drawback of giveaway campaigns is the unnecessary mails you get when running the campaign. Cheaters will always try to sneak in and take advantage. You don’t have to deal with them. 

Vyper has a proprietary cheating algorithm that can detect and prevent cheaters from being elected as winners. You can keep track of the entries, check their cheat score to see if you want to disqualify them from participating in the event and winning by unfair means. 

Another advantage is that Vyper can be integrated with various mailing lists such as MailChimp, Sendy, Drip, and many more. The company is constantly adding more to the list so that you don’t have to worry about using a mailing list service that’s not compatible with Vyper. 

Who can use VYPER?

✓ Entrepreneurs

✓ Marketers

✓ Brands

✓ Influencers

Vyper Pricing

Currently the Vyper offers 2 plans:- Enterprise & Agency

1.Enterprise ($149 Per Month) – Suitable for large scale businesses

✓ Remove Branding

✓ Choose your own domain or subdomain

✓ Generate upto 30K leads per month

✓ Track upto $30K revenue/month generated by Vyper

2. Agency ($299 Per Month) – Use Vyper for upto 10 different brands

✓ All enterprise features are included +

✓ Generate upto 120K leads per month

✓ Track upto $120K revenue/month generated by Vyper

✓ Create 10 subaccounts for clients

Vyper Integrations

Final Conclusion 

Don’t wait for the right time to create a referral campaign and bring more visitors to your website. Increase the conversion rate and generate revenue by running successful campaigns.

Vyper is user-friendly and lets users take part in the event from any device. 

Start creating giveaways for free, engage your audience, and increase brand visibility.