5 Best Sites to find Royalty Free Music for Videos in 2024

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Royalty Free Music

Are you a marketer, content creator, or business owner? Do you need to add music to your videos to promote yourself and your content? There’s no need to worry about using others’ music without permission or paying large amounts to buy rights for a couple of tracks. 

We compiled a list of the five best royalty-free music sites that offer an extensive collection of tracks and tunes for various personal and commercial purposes. Some companies make and sell their own music and even create tracks for you. Sounds cool, right? 

5 Best Websites to check for Royalty-Free Music

1.) HookSounds

HookSounds was founded by Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera in 2016. Alvaro previously composed for brands but decided to create a premium quality collection of royalty-free music tracks for personal and commercial use. The company works with artists from around the world and loads only the best music on the site. The genres are diverse and varied. You can get music, intro and outros tracks, sound effects, and much more from HookSounds. 

The company also offers customization services and uploads tracks in multiple formats. Furthermore, you need to pay only once for a track. There are no annual renewals. Once you buy the license for a music track, it’s yours to use forever. The USP of HookSounds is that they post high-quality music created by artists associated with them. There will be no legal issues. Check out their monthly plans if you want to buy music often. The company also has a free plan (with T&C).

2.) Bensound

Bensound is a royalty-free music provider company used by content creators and business organizations. The company has noteworthy names like Netflix, Google, Sony, Bose, Discovery, etc., as its clients. The company assures that you can use their music tracks on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more. You only are required to buy the right license to use them for paid advertising. 

Bensound has two types of pricing- all-access monthly subscriptions and pay-per-track. Each type of pricing has three plans, each catering to a wider audience. You can make videos with the tracks and sell them to your clients. Make sure to mention the client as the license holder to avoid legal complications. The tracks by Bensound can be chosen based on energy levels, mood, theme, and genre. 

3.) AudioJungle

AudioJungle is a royalty-free music provider from Evanto, which is a multinational company that provides creative tools and assets for influencers, marketers, content creators, and organizations. AudioJungle has a vast collection of music tracks (1,907,857 and counting), including music kits, sound effects, logo tracks, source files, and many more. The best part of AudioJungle is the pricing. You can find tracks for just $1. The company prides itself on providing music tracks for all requirements and budgets. 

The company lists free tracks for the month to get the license without paying a penny. Isn’t that awesome? AudioJungle is a one-stop destination to access music tracks, stock images, website templates, and 3D files to create high-quality content. You just need to create a free account and buy what you like. 

4.) Soundstripe

Soundstripe has a high-quality collection of royalty-free music tracks and sound effects for every content creator. From commercial artists, videographers, nonprofit organizations, and podcasters to marketers and influencers Soundstripe can be used by anyone to find music tracks for their work. The company also has a royalty-free video library to enhance your creations. 

Soundstripe has music tracks by emerging talents and Grammy-winners alike. The sound effects come in more than 37 categories. The company has three price plans to gain unlimited access to its music library. New tracks are added every week after the careful screening so that you get only the best. You can get the stem files with every track and not worry about copyright issues. 

5.) Ecrett Music

Artificial intelligence can create music, and that’s what it does at ecrett music. The company uses an AI algorithm to generate combinations of music for everyone who wants a royalty-free audio track. The algorithm has created 54,004,104 combinations of music that can be further customized to suit your requirements.

More than 500k+ patterns are added every month to keep the library fresh and full. Set up an account and create your own music by using the ones in the collection. The interface is clean and super simple. Manage all your tracks in one place. The company offers a free plan, along with two more plans for personal and professional use. 

Final Conclusion 

The above websites offer some great royalty-free music content for creators, marketers, and businesses. Check out the tracks on each site to choose the ones that best suit your requirements. Each has a unique aspect that makes them a go-to choice, depending on your niche and usage specifications. 

We get royalty-free music from these companies and love the quality and variety they offer. It’s exactly what content creators and marketers need.