Corrupted Video File Repair is Now Possible Using Stellar

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We don’t really know why video files get corrupted, right? Sometimes, it just doesn’t play and shows an error message. No amount of tweaking can save it. But we can hardly get rid of such files. What if they contain valuable information Which Corrupted Video File Repair software can we use to repair and restore the video to make it play again? Stellar company has released a video repair tool to help you with such corrupted and unplayable videos. 


Stellar Data Recovery is a well-known data care company based in India. The company has its office in the US and Europe and has ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications for data recovery, mailbox conversion, data erasure, and file repair services. 

The Corrupted Video File Repair software by the company repairs more than 17 video file formats. It uses the sample video files to do the repairs and restores even the most corrupted files. The software can repair multiple video files simultaneously. 

Corrupted Video File Repair

Why choose Corrupted Video File Repair software by Stellar?

What makes Corrupted Video File Repair software a well-rounded video repair tool in the market? Let’s check out its features. 

The software can repair videos taken on any camera or smartphone. From a CCTV camera to a drone camera or a high-end branded camera, Corrupted Video File Repair software supports files in all video formats. 

The repaired files can be stored on the computer, laptop, external hard drives, USB drives, and more. 

The Corrupted Video File Repair software can be used on both Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10) and Apple’s macOS. 

Pricing Packages 

The Corrupted Video File Repair software is available in three price packages. 


  • Original price- appx. $47
  • Discounted price- appx. $27 
  • Features- repairs and fixes broken or damaged video files 


  • Original price- appx. $134 
  • Discounted price- appx. $67
  • Features- Repairs videos, photos, and recovers deleted files 


  • Original price- appx. $188
  • Discounted price- appx. $107 
  • Features- all features of premium plus advanced tools required for videographers and agencies; can be used on three different devices 

You can download a trial version of Corrupted Video File Repair software which shows a preview of the repaired files for up to 20% of the total video size. 

Wining Up

If you are looking for reliable and secure Corrupted Video File Repair software, we suggest giving this a try. Our team has checked the trial version, and we are happy to report that the video could indeed be repaired. The preview showed by the software was clear and remarkable. 

Whether you want to repair and restore personal videos or a professional videographer who needs trustworthy Corrupted Video File Repair software, Stellar Video Repair Tool is the tool for you.