Using AI to Create Videos – Reviewing Designs.AI Videomaker Tool

Reading Time: 3 minutes

For years, video editing was a skill dominated by experts who knew the ins and outs of complicated video editing software like Final Cut Pro. With the launch of Designs.AI’s ‘Videomaker,’ this trend is set to change. The AI-powered video editing software helps users produce and edit short or medium-length videos without much complication. Bear in mind – the software is meant to produce and edit only bite-sized videos; hence, it’s not an alternative for video editing tools used for editing movies or long videos. It’s a sustainable video editing tool meant mainly for amateurs. 

Videomaker by Designs.AI gained popularity in the video editing community for being extremely easy to use. There’s no need for downloads as complete versions of this video creation tool are available online.

What is Designs.AI’s, Videomaker Tool? 

Designs AI Videomaker Interface

The video editing tool has Artificial Intelligence features. Hence, it adjusts itself as per the user’s demands and skill set. Users can draw from millions of free stock images and design templates to create professional-looking videos. People who are looking to transform their basic textual scripts into high-quality videos will benefit a lot from these features-

  • Use over from 5.5 million stock videos, 150 million stock images, and 500k stock audio clips.
  • Add AI-powered voiceovers to the video in 20 different languages.

Can the Features Help Amateur Video Editors?

The videomaker features a sophisticated design. But, its interface is the complete opposite and very easy to understand. People who are new to video editing will love this end-to-end video creation tool because –

  • AI-Powered Text to Video Tool – Transform simple text documents into professional-looking videos using the editing software’s intuitive AI tools.
  • Add Flair to Videos – 
  • Adding prompt animations and video transitions to videos have never been easier.
  • Great for Social Media Posts – Since users can export videos in multiple aspect ratios, they can create platform-appropriate video content.  
  • Fast Editing – Users receive stock footage recommendations based on the text script the enter. So, they can quickly add music or videos according to the nature of the text and the mood of the video.
  • Fun Controls – Be it adding transitions or beautifying the video with narration – all the controls are fun and easy to use. Even amateur editors will master this editing software in no time.
  • Advanced Features – Although Designs.AI’s Videomaker Tool is advertised as a beginner’s editing tool – the software does come with advanced editing tools such as panning/zooming used in on still images to give the videos a dramatic effect.
  • Time – Users can take anything from one hour to six hours to create their bite-sized videos. AI-powered tools such as language detectors make the video creation process very easy.

Assessing the Company

Designs.AI’s Videomaker Tool has been doing quite well in the market, attracting a lot of users. But, is the company reliable, and do they offer efficient customer support? Yes, because the company has a reputation to maintain, given it sells other editing tools. Their catalog of editing tools includes –

  • Logomaker
  • Videomaker
  • Designmaker
  • Mockupmaker

The company also four sells ‘assistive’ tools

  • Graphicmaker
  • Color Matcher
  • Font Pairer
  • Calendar

Overall, the company is well-known in the software market. Plus, users of Videomaker can opt for the ‘pay only for what you need’ payment model. Pay a small prepaid sum and only increase the fees if they like Videomaker’s AI-assisted.  

Pros of Designs.AI’s Videomaker Tool
  • Users can create original videos in less than 20 minutes.
  • Cost-efficient given the plethora of features, access to so much free footage, and time-efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface.

Cons of Designs.AI’s Videomaker Tool

  • Lack of tutorials,
  • Takes more time to add complicated design elements to the videos.

Final Conclusion

Overall, Designs.AI’s Videomaker Tool has a lot of room for improvement, but the current version certainly deserves a lot of praise for being clean, simple, and perfect for beginners.