Brybe Marketplace for Buyers, Freelancers and Influencers

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Brybe Marketplace for Buyers, Freelancers and Influencers

How do you find an influencer to promote your business?

How do you search for a freelancer for your next project?

How to monetize your social media account and make money online?

The answer to all three questions is the same. Brybe is a digital platform developed to bring buyers, influencers, and freelancers together. It’s a place to interact, communicate, and collaborate with others and get things done. 

What sets Brybe apart from similar platforms is that it has talents from more than 340 categories. From writing to the beauty industry to IT and animation, find people who are ready to take up projects and posts your requests for others to apply for. 

The platform is pretty much similar to Fiverr.

Who can use Brybe Marketplace?

1.) Freelancers

A freelancer is a person who works on their own and takes up projects in their domain. A freelancer can belong to any industry. They accept work, complete it, and deliver the final product/ service to the client as per the schedule. The prices may vary or be fixed, depending on the project and deadlines. 


Freelancers can set up an account with Brybe by adding details about their area of expertise, their charges, and other relevant information. It doesn’t matter if the freelancer has just begun or has decades of experience. Every freelancer is eligible to promote themselves on Brybe by creating an account and accepting the terms and conditions. 

2.) Influencers 

An influencer is a person who has a great following on a social media platform. Influencers are content creators who come up with innovative content to share with social media users. Influencers usually prefer to focus on one platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) and grow their follower base. 


Influencers collaborate with brands to promote their products in exchange for money. Influencer promotion is a well-known digital marketing strategy in recent times. Similar to freelancers, any influencer can create an account on Brybe and offer their services. 

3.) Buyers 

A buyer is a business, agency, marketer, or professional looking for a freelancer or an influencer to work with their organization for a temporary duration. The buyer can scroll through the list of freelancers and influencers to choose the one for the job. 

An easier way would be to post an offer so that interested parties can respond to the offer and show their interest. The buyer can then interact with them through the same platform and award the project to whoever seems to be the best fit. 

How Does Brybe Marketplace Work?

#Step1.) Sign up on Brybe to create an account, if you are a new user your accounts need to be verified before your start.

#Step2.) Create your profile, list your best skills as it will increase your chance of getting hired.

#Step3.) Search for offers -The process of finding an influencer or a freelancer is quite easy. Brybe has different types of offers to choose from. 

Packaged offer is where all the services offered by the individual are combined as one unit. The packages can be found in the Catalog section. 

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#Step4.) A custom offer is a response to a custom request from the buyer. If the buyer wants the seller (freelancers/ influencers) to work on the project in a certain way, the directions are provided as a custom request. If the seller agrees to the request, they will send a custom offer directly to the buyer. 

#Step5.) The order is completed when the seller delivers the output and the buyer accepts it. The payment is made after the order is complete. 

What if the freelancer or influencer wants more time? 

They can send a request to the buyer asking for an extension. When the buyer approves the request, the extended date is added to the order. However, the seller has to request an extension before the deadline. Only active orders can be extended. 

Buyers can terminate an order if the seller fails to deliver by the deadline and 24 hours afterward. 

Privacy and Security 

The biggest concern for many is data privacy and security on third-party platforms. Brybe takes the responsibility of ensuring that the buyers and sellers get the most out of the deal. The company says that it guarantees the promised results or gives the money back to the buyer. 

Freelancers and influencers don’t have to worry about the buyer not paying them for their services. Brybe makes sure that the buyers make the payments on time. Currently, the platform uses PayPal and Stripe for payments. Bank Cards are also accepted to add and withdraw money from the Brybe balance. 

However, Brybe recommends buyers and sellers be careful in their interactions and not reveal additional information or accept payments through outside sources. This will not only lead to violation of the agreed T&C but will also put the individuals at risk. 

How to Make Money with Brybe Marketplace?

→ Similar like Fiverr you can create your profile and start selling your services. As a freelancer, you can make good money here and soon you can turn your side-hustle to become a full-time freelancer on brybe if your services are good and you have many skills to share.

→ Do you own social media channels? Register on Brybe as an influencer and get paid for promoting brands. The only criteria is you must have min 500 followers on any of the social media handles. You can earn between $100 – $1000 depending on the no of followers.

→ Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Become a Brybe Affiliate, drive quality traffic and earn upto 50% on every deal made on Brybe.

→ Do you have a good network of influencers and looking for buyers? Within a Brybe Marketplace, you have an immense amount of business opportunities to expand your business. Fill the form and someone from the Brybe team will reach out to discuss the partnership.

→ Looking for cross-promotion? Talk to Brybe team and get the setup done.

Why Brybe ?

  • No Platform Fees
  • Free sign up
  • Talents in 340 Categories
  • Best way to make money online for social media influencers
  • Packaged offers

Final Conclusion 

You can explore this new marketplace Brybe which has one of the best influencers and freelancers at affordable rates.

It is super easy to use and provides amazing opportunities for freelancers and influencers. Marketers and business owners can save time by directly posting on Brybe instead of relying on multiple platforms to outsource work.

The best part about Brybe is they do not charge any fees.

Check out Brybe today!