Punchlist Review 2024:- Feedback layer for all your creative work (For Websites, Images and PDF’s)

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Project managers, designers, marketers, and agencies have to constantly share creative work with their clients. Asking for feedback, making the necessary changes, and sharing the work-in-progress files with clients and teammates is a time-consuming and confusing task. There are too many copies of the same file with minute changes, edits, or comments – and things often get lost in translation (or endless email threads). 

Punchlist offers a simple solution to streamline collaboration, project feedback, and client management. Let’s review the app’s features to see how it works. 

How Punchlist Works?

Punchlist is an annotation layer overtop the project, which can include websites, PDFs or design files. You aren’t required to set up anything on your device or download files to run on the computer. In three steps, Punchlist bridges the gap between the creator and the client. 

1.) Project


Open your Punchlist account and create the project. Either upload a file or add a URL. You can use Punchlist for websites (both live and in staging), images, and PDF files. 

2.) Collaborate 

Use the project link in Punchlist to give access to clients and other teams for feedback. Collect feedback when it is convenient to them. 

Share Project

3.) Feedback 

The feedback loop will be active until the project is complete. You can start collecting feedback from the first stage or the fifth. You can determine when to collect feedback and how to use it. At the final stage, you can conduct a round of question & answer sessions or get reviews from clients. 


Features of Punchlist


Punchlist adds a layer over the in-progress project to help you gather and implement feedback. The annotations precisely mark the spot where the client or collaborator left feedback for you. You don’t have to search for the specific area that requires changes. It is highlighted by the red dot on the screen. The comments are directly visible and easy to spot.

What’s more, the feedback item instantly captures a screenshot of the area that was being commented on, plus helpful details like browser type, screen resolution and device. 

Upload Files 

Upload files

There’s no need to email files separately, and get lost in all the back-and-forth. You and your clients can upload attachments with the comments for others to see and note. The images act as references for tweaking. 

Record Video Feedback 

Some feedback can be long and complicated. What if the clients don’t have the time to type it out? The video recording feature allows them to use the webcam to record their video comment and share more nuanced feedback on the project page. 

Mentions & Assignments

It can be confusing with multiple people working on a single project. How do they know who should respond to the comment? How will the actual developer/designer be alerted? Mentions take care of this aspect. Clients use @ to tag the team member. The person will get an alert on their communication app (if integrated) or email.

Collaborators may also “assign” feedback items as tasks to their teammates, to get the project completed more efficiently.

Status Updates 

Mark the comments and feedback as “ done” to easily keep track of the changes made and yet to be made. Your team members and clients will be aware of the progress without asking you.

If your project management process involves multiple layers, or perhaps you’d just like to know where things are at, a comment’s Status may also be updated to “In Progress,” “Waiting for Feedback,” “Ready for Review,” or “Done.”

Screenshots and Recordings 

Punchlist takes screenshots and screen recordings for each feedback so that you know how the project looked at that stage. There’s no place for confusion or miscommunication. You’ll never need to say “I can’t replicate the issue” again. 

Multi-Device Usage 

Want to work from home? What to work when traveling? Punchlist syncs the project data on all devices you use to access the account. Work anytime and from any location. 


Medium and large organizations have bigger teams. Punchlist can be seamlessly integrated with third-party platforms like Trello, Asana, Slack, GitHub, WordPress, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, Zapier, and many more to streamline projects.


The same details that are instantly captured in your Punchlist comment (screenshot, browser, screen size) get automatically sent to your task management tool that you already use, so you can move the item forward in your existing process.

Punchlist Pricing 

Punchlist comes with four pricing plans. The first one is free for as long as you want to use it. There’s no need to provide your credit card information either. Create projects in all accepted formats. Get text annotations, comments, video recordings, automated email reminders, and take screenshots for reference. However, there’s a limit on the feedback items at 25. 

Solo: $9/m; all features of the Free plan and lets you add one team member, mentions, integrations with WordPress and Slack, statuses, and unlimited feedback. 

Team: $99/m; all features of the Solo plan and add up to 5 team members, advanced integrations (Asana, Jira, ClickUp, Monday etc.), shared team dashboard, customized features, and priority support. 

Organization: $299/m; all features of the Team plan and add up to 25 team members, password protection, single sign-on, custom branding and more. 


Pros & Cons of Punchlist


▪  Scalable 

▪  Excellent customer service

▪  Time-saving 

▪  Easy to use

▪  Effortless client management 


▪  Nothing found negative inside Punchlist

Contact Punchlist

Do you need any assistance while using Punchlist? Contact support@punchlist.com or you can use knowledge base to find useful resources.

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Final Words

Whether you’re a freelancer or manage projects at an agency or in-house brand team, Punchlist lets you complete the projects well ahead of schedule without missing single feedback from your clients or colleague.

Automate email reminders, lock sensitive projects using passwords, and deliver high-quality projects to your clients. Punchlist is easy to set up and use. We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and find that it saves a lot of time and energy spent on email/zoom communication.