Enscape Review: Plug Real-Time Rendering and Virtual Reality Directly into Modeling Software

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As a construction company in today’s world, you need to do more than share blueprints with prospective clients. Whether you are a B2C business or cater to B2B clients, 3D modeling, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and visualization help create a high-quality presentation of your design

However, these software applications are not always easy to use. Some are quite complex, and a few are outdated. What if you can integrate real-time image synthesis (rendering) and virtual reality directly into the workflow? What if you can use the same software to design a model and visualize it without creating multiple models on different software applications?  

Enscape provides a fast, simple, and effective method to include rendering and VR as a part of the workflow.  


When to Use Enscape

→ Start using Enscape from the pre-design stage to create a design strategy that provides answers to all the challenges of the project.

→ Move on to create semantic designs and renderings using the countless options available in the software. The more details you include, a cut above your model gets.

→ Share the renderings with stakeholders and get their feedback to make the necessary changes. Enscape allows you to make changes in real-time so that you don’t need to jump between multiple systems.

→ Link Enscape with the documents for BIM. Sync the details to save and effort. There’s no need to search for the relevant file to crosscheck the specification of the building. Find everything in one place. 

→ Check how the installations will look even before you start working on them. Connect a VR headset and take a virtual tour of the building. 

→ Get the final design of the project and compare it with the actual structure at all times. Make sure that the building is exactly how you want it to be. 

Features of Enscape 

You’ve understood that Enscape can be used throughout a project,right?

Let’s look at some of the features in brief:-

  • The software’s real-time rendering technology allows a fully-rendered 3D walk-through to check every nook and corner of the model building. You can connect Enscape to CAD to sync the changes and updates made to the model.  As Enscape plugs directly into the modeling software, all changes and updates made to the model are instantly visible. Enscape is compatible with Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Archicad, and Vectorworks.
  • Make the most of VR headsets by connecting with Enscape to experience a virtual tour of the model. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to understand the feelings invoked by the building. 
  • Do you work in teams? No problem. Enscape can be used by several team members. Share, collaborate, discuss, give and accept feedback to fine-tune the models. 
  • Do you want to know how the building appears at different times of the day? Wonder how the structure will look during summers or winters? Choose the atmospheric setting you want, and voila! 
  • Get orthographic views of the building, because hey, how can a structure be complete without a clear floor plan?
  • Customize the assets and add furniture, trees, pools, parks, and much more to the model.What more do we want! 

Advantages of Using Enscape 

Enscape has some wonderful features, isn’t it? There is so much you can do using this software. 

✓ You don’t need to be an expert to use this software. The user interface is friendly and efficient.

✓ Work on a single model from start to finish. Design, document, and visualize in the same workflow. 

✓ Quality is respected across the globe. Show that you deliver only the best quality work by developing stunning visuals. 

✓ When you can see the model with ease and make immediate changes to it, will it not help to speed up decision-making? 

✓ Start with abstract but end with the finest of details. Integrate Enscape into the workflow and design amazing models no one has ever seen before. 

Enscape Pricing 

The company offers a free 14-day trial along with the following plans-

  • Floating License: $67.90/ month (billed annually); this has been created for teams. The full version of the software can be used on numerous devices.
  • Fixed-Seat License: $69.90/ month (billed monthly) or $39.90/ month (billed annually); the full version of the software can be used only on one device. 

  There is also a special license for students and educators .It is free of cost and is valid for 24 months (for students and educators) and 12 months (for classrooms). Students can renew the license as long as they remain a student (and complete the course). 

Final Conclusion 

When most of the topmost architectural companies from all parts of the world are using Enscape to create breathtaking visuals, why do you want to stay behind? BIM modeling and visualization can now be used together through a single software. 

Also, the company regularly updates the software to include the latest features in the market. You can be assured of accessing advanced features as and when they are released. Let virtual reality become the new reality as people marvel at your buildings.