Live Home 3D Review 2020 | An Excellent App for Virtual House Design in a Nutshel

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Doubts and second thoughts are inevitable when you are designing your dream home. You want your house to have the perfect design, the ideal wallpaper and the perfect everything. So, you need to know exactly how your beloved home is going to turn out after it has been renovated. Live Home 3D ensures that and so much more.

What is Live Home 3D?


Live Home 3D is a multiplatform house design software that will help you create complex floor plans and 3D renderings. With the use of augmented reality, you can view your designs and experience the layout in a real-world environment. 

Key features of Live Home 3D

  • Build professional-looking Floor Plans: Live Home 3D offers intuitive floor planner tools that give a professional touch to your designs. It allows you to provide different 2D floor plans as well as furniture arrangement and gives you a glimpse of your home in 3D.

Enhance your design experience with AR: With augmented reality being the latest trend in the market, Live Home 3D offers you a real-life view of your design. It lets you view your house in AR at different scales, for example, a 1:1 range allows you a peep through a window whereas 1:50 or 1:25 level enables you to view your overall project.


Exciting Pricing Plans offered by Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D has priced their software pretty reasonably according to market standards. Developer offers Live Home 3D Free Trial for prospective customers. For a premium experience, they have both a standard version and Pro version available via in-app purchase.

How do you benefit?

  • Showcase your business models in 3D: The 3D environment of their software is the perfect platform where you can display your models of furniture, apartments and houses realistically and generate more sales for you.
  • Upgrade your Education projects: Get connected to the world of 3D dimension and augmented reality and add a new dimension to your educational projects. Live Home 3D is very much useful for STEM projects and interior design courses.
  • Work on multiple Platforms: Live Home 3D software is designed to work smoothly on iOS, macOS and Windows platforms. It also has excellent export and import capabilities that support a wide selection of file formats.

Conclusion: Should you go for Live Home 3D?

Live Home 3D is a unique tool that has functionalities required by professional architects and can also be put to use by people of limited experience. With intuitive, point and click building tools, this software can help you design your space beautifully and effectively. Their intelligent use of 3D design and augmented reality (AR) makes it the best software in the market.