A PDF Repair Toolbox to Repair Damaged PDF Files and Recover Data

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Is there anything more annoying than opening a file and seeing an error message flash on the screen? Damaged and corrupted files are a headache many of us face. The reasons are as unclear and complex as the black holes. 

But we cannot afford to ignore them as an unsolved mystery of the universe. The PDF could be a confidential file with the information you need to complete a project. It could be holding years of research neatly presented for report submission. 

With PDF files already being complicated compared to MS Word, not many of us know what to do and how to retrieve the data. 

Repair Toolbox has come up with an effective solution. The company created multiple toolboxes to help repair and restore damaged files. The PDF Repair Toolbox deals exclusively with PDF files. 


PDF Repair Toolbox is a simple and easy-to-use software that lets you restore damaged PDFs and open them as before. If you have unreadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files on your computer/ laptop and don’t know what to do with them, this toolbox is for you. 

How to Use PDF Repair Toolbox 

  • It hardly takes any effort to install and use this software. You just need to buy the licensed version of your choice and download it to your system. 
  • There is also a free version available, though it has limited offerings. You can donate to the company to gain access to the full version. 
  • Once you download the .exe file on your computer, install it. Follow the instruction on the installation wizard dialogue box to complete the process. 
  • Double click on the desktop icon of the software to use it. Open PDF Repair Toolbox and enter the name of the file you want to recover. 
Source File Name
Select File Name
  • Follow the instructions (click on Next and say yes). 
  • It will take the software a few minutes to work on the damaged PDF file. Once it is done, you will be prompted to save the output file with a new name. 
Select output
  • You can also choose the version you want to save the file. Click on the Save button, and that’s it. 
  • The toolbox also shows you the results of the recovery process (a condensed report).  
Recovery Results

Features and Benefits of PDF Repair Toolbox 

  • The software is capable of reading all versions of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. That said, it cannot read password protected files (for data security). 
  • The PDF Repair Toolbox has been developed using advanced algorithms to handle even the most complex PDF files. The recovery chances are very high when using this software. 
  • The software is capable of scanning the PDF file to detect images and graphs in the document that are not being displayed due to data corruption. 
  • The non-linked pages of the PDF files are restored. 
  • The output files can be saved as both compressed and uncompressed PDF files.
  • The toolbox runs on operating systems such as Windows 98 and higher versions. 
  • The online software also repairs known errors in PDF file editors. 
  • However, remember that the software cannot repair encrypted PDF files. 

Pricing and Purchase

The company has registered the PDF Repair Toolbox under its proprietary license instead of the general one. This puts limitations on the use of the free version available for download on the company website. 

That said, you can buy the software license based on your requirements. 

👉 The personal license costs $27. 

👉 The business license costs $45.

👉 The site license costs $60. 

Get PDF Repair Toolbox

The company also offers the Adobe Repair Bundle that includes PDF Repair Toolbox, Illustrator Repair Toolbox, and Photoshop Repair Toolbox for personal and business use. 

Final Conclusion 

Stop worrying about corrupted and damaged PDF files. Get the PDF Repair Toolbox software and use it to restore the data you thought was lost forever. The software is suitable for students, teachers, researchers, professionals, startups, medium and large-scale enterprises. 

It’s time to open that sad-looking folder with corrupted PDF files and get back the lost data. In just a few minutes, you will have the new file right in front of you.