New Features of Windows 11 will benefit Enterprises Users and Hybrid Workers

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New Features of Windows 11

Microsoft is adding new features to Windows 11 OS for employees, enterprises, and hybrid workers. 

The tech giant conducted the Windows Powers the Future of Hybrid Work event on 5th April 2022. It announced that the new OS will have features designed to assist hybrid workers. The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed companies to change their work culture, and many of them have been running their business through hybrid modes. 

The new Windows 11 offers features that make work easier for hybrid employees. From better security to offline working, and cloud integrations, Microsoft made several changes to the OS. 

1.) Live Captions and Voice Access

Windows 11 will be more inclusive as it generates live captions for videos and allows users to control their devices through voice commands. People with hearing and mobility issues will find the new OS more user-friendly.

2.) Malware and Phishing Protection 

The new operating system will have a Smart App Control feature that uses artificial intelligence and code signing to target malware attacks. The Defender SmartScreen increases protection from phishing attacks by alerting the users when they enter their login credentials on suspicious sites. 

3.) Windows 365 Switch 

This is a feature that will allow users to easily switch between the local desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC. There will also be a native app for Windows 365 for users to directly go to the cloud from the start menu.

4.) Better Focus and Meetings 

Focus will now have new features such as a do not disturb mode and an integrated timer. Virtual meetings and video calls will now be AI-powered to reduce background noise, increase voice clarity, and keep the focus on the person (blurring the background). 

Microsoft will also provide Autopatch for free to users with a Windows Enterprise E3 subscription. 

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