Microsoft: New Media Player for Windows 11

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After the new Microsoft Paint app and Microsoft Store, Windows 11 will now have a new Media Player to replace Groove Music. Dave Grochocki, the Principal Program Manager Lead, has posted a blog on Windows informing that the media player will be rolled out to Windows Insiders in Dev Channel. 

Image Source:- Windows Blog

Given how the media player hasn’t seen an update after 2009, we are more than relieved with this new announcement. The player has been designed for playback and videos. It can migrate all records from your library, playlists, and music/ video folders on the system. Your existing collection from Groove Music will automatically be migrated to the new media player. 

Image Source: Windows Latest

Not just that, you can browse through the content on the system and add it to the player without much effort. The search process and the keyboard shortcuts have been optimized to make the player user-friendly. 

Naturally, the UI has also been redesigned. The Media Player on Windows 11 has WinUI controls to match the theme and appearance of the operating system. It’s simple, elegant, stylish, and looks better than Groove Music on Windows 10. The new media player supports HDR and other features, which make viewing multimedia content a delightful experience. 

The playback view will feature the artist, cover, and art related to the album in vividly rich imagery. Whether you use the mini player or the full screen, you’re in for a treat. 

Dave Grochocki added that “Groove Music has been removed to make place for the new Media Player”. You should find the new Media Player with your playlists in place of Groove Music once the update is complete. You don’t have to install it from your side. 

Image Source:- Windows Blog

Dave added that Microsoft is looking for feedback to improve the Media Player and iron out the glitches.

Let’s hope the app will satisfy the fans and music lovers. 

Don’t wait! Install the New Media Player on Windows 11 and let us know if you have any questions.