How to Make Use of Professional Services to Remove Background from Image?

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Machine learning techniques have been making rapid strides across industries. In an effort to make these cutting-edge technologies more user-friendly, there has been a spike in the number of simple consumer tools that makes use of Artificial Intelligence effortlessly. In this list, the latest example is how people make use of these techniques to remove background from images. One of the most common photo manipulation techniques is to remove image background. 

How AI Aids In Removing Image Background?

Usually, you want to remove background from an image when you want to get rid of unwanted or distracting items. The other common reasons include:

  • Limiting the area of focus
  • Giving prominence to the foreground
  • Reducing eye strain
  • Improving the appeal and usability of the image

Be it changing your display picture for social media or creating a business presentation for your professional needs, it is imperative that you remove image background for the above-mentioned reasons. AI helps you to automatically remove background from pictures

Because of the advanced machine learning techniques used by AI, there is no need to select the foreground image or make use of tools to mark the cutout area, or draw outlines. An AI tool works seamlessly without any intervention at an incredible pace. Once the background is removed, you can use any background image or color depending on your needs. The biggest advantage of using AI is that it handles all images, be it selfies, portraits, or product images, with equal ease.

Making Use of Professional Services to Remove Image Background

For a photographer, or an online retailer, or an e-commerce company, it may be tedious and time consuming to use any software to remove background from image. Despite the complexity, this is an important process as it not only removes the background but also makes your image look professional. Acquiring this skill is both time-consuming and a difficult process. 

This is where professional services ease the work of removing background from images. They make use of AI to automate the workflow and save your money and time. Slazzer is one such solution provider to remove image background. It helps organizations and individuals redefine their images and photography. It uses a simple API call to instantaneously remove image background.

The process is fairly simple and straightforward.

Step 1:- Upload the image

Upload the image for which you want to remove image background.

Upload the Image

Step 2:Get a transparent background image

The AI tool immediately removes the image background and creates a transparent background within seconds. 

Remove background from Image

Step 3:- Add a new background

Let your creative juices flow. Add stunning background images, designs, and graphics using the Slazzer editor tool.

Add new background

Once you upload the image, the resulting image can be obtained in either PNG format or JPG format. The output resolution is up to 25 megapixels and works seamlessly with clear images. You may face some issues if the background is fuzzy or if there is no distinct separation between the foreground and background. Otherwise, this is fantastic with clear images. The best part is that it works with both Windows and Mac.

Slazzer has different plans depending on what you need. Under the free plan, you get 10 free credits with unlimited previews. 

Slazzer Plans and Pricing

Final Thoughts:

When you want to remove background from image, ensure that you use a tool that makes use of AI. This not only reduces the workload but also ensures that you don’t spend too much time on it. Slazzer is an affordable and easy to use tool that also lets you edit multiple images together.