Xeox: Cloud-based Remote Monitoring and Management

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The IT infrastructure is a vital element for every business. The hardware, software, and network should always be up and running without any glitches or errors. Regular maintenance, upgrades, and scaling are necessary to ensure that the day-to-day operations are not disrupted due to IT failures. According to a survey, 32.7% of the respondents said that one hour of IT downtime leads to a loss of around $1 million or more. 

Some enterprises rely on Managed Service Providers, while some have an in-house team that works with remote solutions. However, both MSPs and in-house teams need powerful software that offers remote monitoring and IT management services through the cloud. 

Xeox is a cloud-based remote management and monitoring tool combined with patch management to keep the IT infrastructure safe, secure, and up to date. It has been developed on Microsoft Azure and provides comprehensive services for the IT teams and MSPs. 

From fast deployment to regular updates, system security, and complete control over the devices, Xeox has a lot to offer to enterprises and business organizations.


Pros and Cons 


  • Reduces work time by half
  • Provides an overview of all devices 
  • Prevents outsiders from viewing the network 
  • Cost-effective and customized pricing 
  • Automated server patching 
  • Reliable customer support 
  • New features are regularly added 


  • No free version 
  • The dashboard can be confusing initially 

Xeox Features and Highlights 

1.) CMDB 

CMDB (Configuration Management Database) is an IT infrastructure library database where all the relevant information about the devices, software, and network can be safely stored in a centralized location. 

It allows you to do an inventory check of hardware with just a couple of clicks. Simple use the filters to find what you’re looking for. This saves time for the IT team in keeping track of each device connected to Xeox. There’s no limit to the number of devices you can add to Xeox for monitoring. Each time a new computer/ printer/ device is installed in the office (or in a remote location), it can be added to Xeox in a few minutes. Every new purchase/ investment in the IT department can be accounted for by using this database. 

2.) Network Management 

Are there any unseen glitches in the network that are resulting in a decreased performance? What’s the network’s overall health, and how can it be improved? Is the IT network capable enough to meet your business needs? How can it be improved? 

Xeox provides answers to all these questions and more. It identifies network security issues and alerts you before the problem can blow up. There’s no need to wait for something to break down to get it repaired. Even the slightest issues can be troubleshot well in advance. 

Managing IP addresses, multiple vendors, and switch ports is a seamless process with Xeox software. 

3.) Endpoint Management

Don’t worry about endpoint disruptions and breakdowns anymore. Xeox has it sorted. The continuous monitoring feature ensures that the problem is identified before the customer experiences it. This helps improve customer satisfaction and elevate the user experience. The best part is that it can be managed from any location and from mobile phones. 

4.) Patch Management 

Xeox has automated patch management so that your IT systems will never face the threat of missing software or patches. The Windows OS is routinely checked for missing pieces and patched accordingly. The endpoints are patched to prevent cyberattacks and loss of data. 

You can track the number of patches enabled, the ones that failed, and the status of individual patches. Xeox provides detailed reports for you to assess the health of your IT infrastructure. 

5.) Mobile App

Xero Mobile App is one of the easy ways to monitor and manage all your IT assets.

6.) Reporting

Keep track of your business assets.

7.) Port-based NAC

Get alerts and notifications if an unknown device connects to your network.

Reasons to Use Xeox Remote IT Management Software 

➢ Get alerts and solve issues from your mobile phone. You don’t need to be at the desk to use Xeox.

➢ Get a notification when a new device is added to the network. Nothing gets past Xeox. Keep cyber criminals at bay. 

➢ Manage multiple VLANs with ease. The VLAN is assigned to the switch port automatically. 

➢ Automate monitoring and upgrades. Schedule tasks in advance and let Xeox take care of the rest. 

➢ Save time, money, and employee effort. Increase productivity and reduce downtime. 

➢ Generate detailed and powerful IT reports whenever necessary. Get daily reports if required. Customize the reports and automatically send them to the users. 

Final Conclusion 

Xeox is an effective remote monitoring and management software that takes care of your IT infrastructure. The tool is scalable and works with businesses of all sizes. With affordable pricing and reliable customer services, Xeox is a must-have for the IT teams in every enterprise. 

The company offers a free trial for a limited period. Check out trial version of Xeox to have a better idea about this extensive cloud-based IT management software.