Bose Home Speaker 500, Soundbar 500, 700 with Alexa Voice Control Launched

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Recently, Bose has launched a few new devices. The first one on the list is a home speaker 500 and another two devices are smart soundbars which are Soundbar 500 and Soundbar 700. All this newly launched devices are supposed to give a tough competition to competitors like Sonos and Apple. Bose is known to launch premium quality speakers in the market and now it is taking a big step while collaborating with Amazon Alexa which is providing assistant to all the new products launched by Bose. The company reveals that Amazon Alexa will be supporting all the devices from the very beginning itself and later on another search artificial intelligence assistant like Google Assistant will also be in collaboration.

The devices launched which are the Bose home speaker 500, sound by 500 and 700 have been using then you might technology of the company which is present in boat headphones as well as headsets. The company even tells about the new Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. As in a given statement, they say, “tens of thousands of skills for information, entertainment, smart home control, and more.”

The company has added many new features including the widest possible soundstage which is present in the current market. It also has a new technology called Boss Phase Guides which allows you to share multiple sets of soundtracks through a defined space.

All the newly launched 3 devices have new and exclusive features and the company is definitely very excited to listen to the critics and the audience reviews. However, we have also received many statements from the company personals also. One such statement was given by Doug Cunningham who is the category manager in the boss consumer electronics division. He says, “Voice-controlled speakers aren’t new, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. But we had a different vision for ours, inspired by what we could uniquely do to make the experience better. All of our new smart speakers double up on functionality. It takes just one Home Speaker 500 to deliver true stereo separation – there’s no need to pair two. Our Soundbar 700 and 500 are thin and discreet with jaw-dropping surround sound – whether you’re streaming Spotify or watching a movie.”

Final Thoughts

Clearly, the company is pretty confident about the newly launched product by Bose and it would be a great thing to notice that if collaborating with assistance like Amazon Alexa will they be able to overpass Rivals like Apple.

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