Chatsilo – A Wonderful CRM Tool for Facebook Messenger

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It is the advancement in technology that has made it possible to reach out to leads through various online and offline channels, isn’t it? Today’s sales and marketing strategies include pursuing prospective leads on multiple channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. 

But what if your target audiences are primarily on Facebook? It makes more sense to contact them through the same platform, right? In such instances, using a complex omnichannel sales and marketing tool can be more of a hindrance. 

Wouldn’t it be great to use a small and efficient CRM tool designed for Facebook Messenger alone? Chatsilo offers what you are looking for. The company calls it a mini Facebook Messenger CRM designed to assist you with nurturing leads, managing your chats with them, and confirming sales. 

Overview of Chatsilo

Chatsilo aims to help you focus on a single channel- Facebook Messenger, to increase your conversions and sales. It is an easy-to-use software that is beginner-friendly and hardly takes time to set it up. It works with Facebook pages and marketplaces so that you can track all your prospective leads on this platform using one tool. 

You can sync your accounts on different devices (desktop and laptop). You can monitor and communicate with your leads from multiple devices. 

Not just that, the tool offers an array of features for cost-effective pricing options. 

Features of Chatsilo 

Create Messenger Funnels: It’s easy for leads to get lost in the number of chats. Chatsilo prevents that from happening by allowing you to add tags, notes, create templates, and more. 

Track Important Conversations: Integrate the tool with Google calendar to follow up potential leads and convert them into customers. 

In-built Custom Settings: Manage your inbound and outbound messages, change the settings to suit your business, and more. Chatsilo is called the mini CRM tool for Facebook Messenger for a reason. 

Bulk Messaging: You don’t need to become a part of a Facebook group to send bulk messages. The Chrome extension of Chatsilo lets you schedule bulk messages to any number of people. You can also customize each message to make it more personal by including the person’s name. 

Send Pre-written Messages when Sending/ Accepting Friends Requests: You can send pre-written messages to people whose add requests you accept or to people to send requests. This lets you categorize your friends’ list. 

Support for Facebook Page and Marketplace: Even if your Facebook page is managed by several admins, you can still send messages using Chatsilo. Other admins can read the messages you sent. Also, track the messages you get when you post a sale on the Facebook Marketplace. You won’t miss a single lead if you use Chatsilo. 

Reminder Alerts: Turn on the browser notifications so that you’ll know when you contact a prospective lead again. Don’t keep your customers waiting or leaving them alone for too long. 

Exporting Tagged Contacts: Export all the tagged contacts to Google Sheets with a single click. Maintain your database without any hassle. 

Webapp with Dashboard: The dashboard opens on the web browser and lets you manage everything from one place. Edit, delete, import, export, or search for contacts, tags, templates, etc., from the dashboard. 


The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its price packages. You can start with the 7-day free trial version. 

The price package changes based on the number of Facebook Messenger accounts you want to connect with the tool. 

You can get a discount of around 5% if you choose the yearly plans instead of the monthly ones. 

👉 Bronze Plan $29/month; one account and access to all the features offered by Chatsilo. The yearly plan costs $279 per annum. 

👉 Silver Plan– $49/ month; three accounts and access to all the features offered by Chatsilo. The yearly plan is priced at $479 per annum.

👉 Gold Plan– $69/month; five accounts and access to all the features offered by Chatsilo. The yearly plan is priced at $679 per annum. 

👉 Diamond Plan– $399/month; 30 accounts and access to all the features offered by Chatsilo. The yearly plan is priced at $2999 per annum.

Chatsilo Testimonials 

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Final Conclusion 

You need to work smart, not hard- how many times have you heard this statement lately? It has become the motto in recent times. If you want your business to bloom and prosper, you’ll need to invest in the right tools. 

Marketing and sales are a major part of any business, and we are all relying on social media platforms like Facebook to attract new customers. Chatsilo provides an effective way of managing leads and increases sales by focusing on a single platform. Let your business grow leaps and bounds as you chat with new leads every day.