How Brands can use Intuizi to understand and act on Mobile Data?

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Intuizi - Mobile Audience Data

Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated every day in 2021. Statistics say that the volume of generated data will double every two years. Of course, not all of it is useful for a business or a marketer. However, collecting, cleaning, storing, and analyzing big data can be expensive. 

What businesses want is data relevant to their niche. They want to know what customers think about the products and services they offer. Organizations need to understand demographics, market trends, and patterns to attract more customers to their brand. Data collection and analytics are a must in such instances. 

Many small and medium-scale businesses turn to third-party service providers for data collection and analytics. DaaS (Data as a Service) is a popular phenomenon in the current market. Data security and privacy are also a cause of concern. So, how can businesses balance between not being intrusive and still gathering the necessary information?

Intuizi is a data solution provider with GDPR and CCPA compliant data collection standards. The company helps in analyzing data at a scale and using the insights to develop better marketing strategies. 

Overview of Intuizi

Intuizi was started in 2019 to help businesses access meaningful and quality data, analyze it and generate reports that can be downloaded or exported to their existing businesses systems. The data can be used for various purposes such as, 

  • Creating marketing campaigns 
  • Understanding customer requirements 
  • Researching and developing new products 
  • Bringing more engagement 
  • Improving customer loyalty, etc. 

Reasons to Analyze User Data 

Why do businesses need to collect and analyze data? How does it help them?

Below are some vital reasons to analyze data and use the insights in your business. 

Data analysis helps you have an in-depth understanding of the situation/ event. This gives businesses more control over their decisions. There’s no guesswork involved when enterprises use actionable insights for decision-making. 

Analyzing datasets gives a clear picture of how things stand. The strengths and weaknesses of a business are identified. The overall performance of the business can be assessed using data collected from relevant sources.

The data analytics reports are concrete sources of proof. Employees can use these reports to substantiate their claims and ask for more resources to deliver better results. 

Data analytics helps in streamlining the processes and eliminating unnecessary procedures. This leads to optimization of resources and faster results. 

Using data analytics platforms saves time for the business. There is no need to build a data-driven model from scratch. 

Features of Intuizi 

Intuizi has several datasets with historical and real-time data. Businesses can use the relevant data and download the analytical reports to their in-house systems. Data is collected from multiple sources like mobiles, apps, client-side, census, TV, OTT platforms, locations POIs, etc. 

1.) Data Analysis 

Intuizi gathers first-party data and analyzes it to deliver business intelligence insights to its clients. The company provides predictive analytics, behavioral analytics, and much more. 

2.) Real-Time Report Generation 

The analytics are useful only when they can be converted into reports and downloaded to other platforms. The reports have to be user-friendly and easy to understand. Intuizi ticks both boxes by automating report generation and keeping them simple. 

3.) Custom POI (Point of Interest) 

There’s no need to know the exact address of a customer or a prospective lead for POI. Intuizi uses two methods (Centroid and Polygon mapping) to get the latitude and longitudes of locations that are vital for your business. The platform also allows businesses to add custom POIs apart from the provided public POIs. 

4.) Business Strategy Optimization 

Data analytics helps in optimizing the business strategy and taking the brand closer to the target audience. Intuizi provides businesses with the necessary information that helps align the strategies with long-term goals. 

5.) Software Integration 

Intuizi is super easy to integrate with existing business systems. Enterprises can also upload their data files for the platform to analyze and generate reports. The company website provides detailed instructions for different ways to integrate Intuizi into your business. 

How does Intuizi collect data?

SDK, Wifi, Hardware, Beacons, Proprietary

Intuizi Use Cases

Advertising, Quantitative Investing, Competitor Insights, Real Estate Insights, Retails Analytics, Location-Based Audiences

Intuizi Pricing 

Intuizi currently offers four pay-per-subscription packages to its clients: 

  • Basic Plan for startups  
  • Standard Plan for small enterprises 
  • Premium Plan for small to mid-sized enterprises 
  • Premium + Services Plan for mid to large businesses

The company also offers custom plans for individual business requirements. The pricing details are not mentioned on the company website. 

Final Conclusion 

Businesses have the freedom to choose additional services they want from Intuizi. The pricing is flexible and cost-effective for organizations that cannot build an in-house data analytics department. 

The company also offers White Label services and custom data processing for an extra charge. Subscribe to Intuizi, sign in to your account, and analyze data immediately. Give your business the much-needed boost to overtake competitors.