TOP 10 Programs and Services for Promotion on YouTube

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Youtube Promotion and Services

YouTube promotion programs and services help novice and experienced bloggers to make money from home. If you are the owner of a small channel, you probably know how difficult it is to get the first 1,000 subscribers and views on your videos but if you are an experienced blogger who has several thousand subscribers, it will be useful to get acquainted with these services. In addition to programs where you can buy views and subscribers, we will talk about image editors, keyword selection services, and exchanges where you can buy ads from bloggers.

Top 10 Programs to promote your Youtube Channel (Both Paid & Free)


Tubebiz is one of the trusted platforms for bloggers, marketers, influencers and entrepreneurs who are looking to build a brand on social media. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok are the services you can opt for in order to increase the likes, views, followers and youtube subscribers.

2. Smm-YouTube

Another good service for the promotion of the channel. You can buy views, likes, dislikes, comments, reposts, subscribers. All prices are located on the site, where you will find the price for one action, depending on the duration of viewing.

When ordering likes and comments, you should not be afraid that your channel will get a strike for violating the principles of the community, since everything is done by real people. And if you are a regular customer of the service, then an individual discount system is applied for you. Another advantage of the service is the instant execution of the order, after making a payment, it will be completed within 24 hours.

3. YouFriends


Promote your channel completely free using YouFriends. Its essence is to find authors for collaboration with an identical number of subscribers and views. Post your channel and wait for suggestions from other authors, or search for those with whom you would like to collaborate. You can make pre-rolls, add videos to finished screensavers, hints, on the main page. And even if such advertising is ineffective, you will not lose anything.

Click on the “Find partners” button and you will see channels that you can offer cooperation to. If you want other authors to notice your channel, go to the “Add new channel” tab. There are more than 80,000 channels on the site, and you will definitely find great deals for yourself.

4. Publbox


A complete social media management tool for advertisers and marketers. Create, post, schedule on multiple social media channels at a single time using Publbox and run your social media marketing agency without any hassle.

5. NovaPress Publisher

Service for automatic posting. Thanks to this service, you can configure autoposting of videos, as well as publish announcements in social networks.

You can set the same time every day or different time frames for posting videos. You can choose the time of publication: it can be delayed or instant. The price list is located on the official website. All you have to do is register on the service and configure it.

6. YtPrice

Ordering ads from bloggers is one of the most effective ways to promote your channel. YtPrice is a trusted exchange where you can buy ads for your channel. The main page contains a list of channels that sell ads. On the left side, you can set a filter by specifying your budget, the desired number of subscribers on the channel, its subject, and the form of advertising. Opposite the channel name is information about the number of subscribers and the price for which the blogger advertises content.

Choose a suitable option for yourself, click on the channel icon, get acquainted with the blogger’s prices and click on the “Order advertising” button. You can communicate with the channel’s authors on the service or via email.



Another advertising exchange on YouTube. Here you can set the necessary filters and find the channel where you would like to advertise. The filter for this service is similar to the previous one, but you can set more parameters here.

Such development options are suitable for people who do not want to manually search for bloggers who give ads on YouTube. The main advantage of the service is security – channel authors get paid only after they have advertised your channel.

8. VidIQ

The service will help you choose tags for SEO optimization of videos. You can use it to create an optimized description and title that will bring more views to your videos. You can use the free version, and if you want to work in the program with more functionality, purchase a paid subscription.


The service has an extension that is installed in the browser and allows you to see the tags of your competitors, copy them, which will increase the chances of getting into the recommended videos on YouTube. When optimizing the video, the service will offer high-frequency tags for your query, so that you don’t forget anything.

9. Crello

This is one of the most common online image editors that you can use to create previews for your videos and create graphics for the design of your YouTube channel. After all, a bright and beautiful picture arouses the interest of the viewer. Don’t forget to maintain a single style to promote the channel.


The interface of the service is quite simple. on the main page, click on the button “Create your first preview” and you will find yourself on the editor’s page. On the left side, select designs, backgrounds, objects, and text for your image. There are both paid and free options. After creating the preview, don’t forget to click on the “Save” and “Download” buttons. In the same service, you can create a header for your channel.

10. Canva


Another service that you can use to create a header, preview. Its interface is similar to the previous editor. After registration, you will find yourself on the main page and in the search field, start writing the name of the site for which you want to create an image. You will see a drop-down list, select a cover or preview if you want to make an image for YouTube.

As in the previous version, choose the appropriate images, fonts, and backgrounds. And don’t forget to download the finished image. When uploading to YouTube, you won’t have to crop the image, as it will fit exactly.

Final Conclusion

Above are some of the killer tools you can use to promote and grow your youtube channel. You can set up your own advertising company on youtube if you have good no of subscribers, views and likes on your channel.

Create, upload, and start sharing. If you have some other methods to promote youtube videos that’s really working well, please feel free to share.