What is Xiaomi Loop Liquid Cool Technology?

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Image Source:- Xiaomi

Xiaomi is all set to keep the smartphones cool and prevent overheating. Lei Jun, the CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi has raised the curtains to reveal a new way to cool smartphones. 

The announcement came on 5th Nov, detailing the technology that keeps the processors cool to avoid overheating smartphones. Named the Loop LiquidCool Technology, it is a new way to dissipate the heat generated by the processor inside the phone. 

How it Works

The CEO said that the technology used works doubly better than vapor chambers and used an annular heat pipe. This consists of a condenser, evaporator, a refill chamber, along with gas and liquid pipes. This technology has been inspired by the ones used in aerospace. 

The technology is based on the capillary effect, where the chamber draws the cooling agents to the heat source. This vaporizes the heat and disperses it towards a cooler area. As the load on the smartphone’s processor increases, Loop LiquidCool works its magic to maintain the phone’s temperature. 

The company has released a video illustrating the process of cooling using this new technology. Xiaomi used the custom MIX 4 smartphone to show the effectiveness of Loop LiquidCool technology. The cooling technology could maintain the phone’s temperature below 47.7℃ during the Genshin Impact gameplay that lasted for 30 minutes. 

We should also point out that the Loop LiquidCool uses a Tesla valve structure to facilitate highly efficient one-way circulation. 

Official Launch 

Will Loop LiquidCool technology bring a new revolution, or is it just another Heatpipe, as Ian Cutress tweeted

Xiaomi has plans to officially launch smartphones with Loop LiquidCool technology in the second half of 2022. We’ve to wait for at least seven months to buy the new Xiaomi smartphones with this cooling technology and see the results.