Now Watch Netflix Videos in WhatsApp on iOS

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Isn’t it much easier to watch videos sent by someone on WhatsApp directly instead of being re-directed to another app? Now Watch Netflix Videos in WhatsApp on iOS.

WhatsApp is coming up with a new feature that will let users directly stream videos from Netflix within the WhatsApp app without being redirect to the Netflix app So that You can Easily Watch the Netflix Videos in WhatsApp on iOS now.

The videos shared from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube over WhatsApp can be viewed directly in the messaging app without leaving the chat. This feature is called the Picture-in-Picture mode. However, Netflix video shares were a still inconvenient to watch as WhatsApp would re-direct the users to the video-streaming app itself. This is now going to change soon.

Seeing the success of the feature, WhatsApp is now developing the same feature for Netflix. The trailer video links would be now made available directly in the chat without any re-direction and without losing the actual experience of the Netflix app. Hence, when the feature is ready to roll out, you can expect to watch movie trailers and even episodes of a show shared with you on WhatsApp within its platform.


Image Source:- Twitter

However, a point to note here is that the WhatsApp is currently working on bringing the feature to Apple iPhone users first. The android users may be getting this update later once it is enabled in the stable version.
The trailer of a Netflix show or movie shared to an iOS user on WhatsApp will display a large thumbnail with a ‘play’ icon. This will enable the users to play the video links within the app in a picture-in-picture mode.

Additionally, the messaging app is also working on the upcoming Dark Theme for Android as well. So stay tuned!