WhatsApp And Jio Jointly Heads Towards A Responsible Awareness Campaign!

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The increasing menace of fake and viral rumours over WhatsApp needs to get an end as by passing time it is not only escalating but is resulting in deaths as well.

JioPhone is bliss for the ones who are not able to pay for a costly Smartphone and are also the core marketplace for the same. However, we should not overlook that our most of the population is living in the rural areas where even bogus news can multiply at jet-speed. Furthermore the same can turn out to be in violence, riots and if we see the recent news around 30 people reached the deathbed.

To overcome with this grave problem, WhatsApp and Jio have decided to join hands with the intention of spreading awareness concerning the right use of WhatsApp messaging platform. If you are a new Jio Phone user, then you will receive a manual (in 11 languages) in which several vital topics are covered along with this, it has a message stating not to share any message without thinking twice, or it might be thought provoking for others. Today around 25 million people in India are the owners of JioPhone with internet but lack how to use it? It is the main reason the verge of awareness campaign has been in full swing from October 9, 2018.Reliance & Jio Education Campaign

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In this campaign, the WhatsApp and Jio will be visiting ten major cities and will explain the existing and new JioPhone users regarding the following:-

  • How to use WhatsApp messages.
  • How to enable and use new features to connect with friends and family.
  • How to spot forwarded messages etc.

Final words

WhatsApp has taken this matter seriously long back and has put its endeavour on spreading awareness through print and social media. But now with Reliance Jio jointly this issue can be solved for both existing and new JioPhone users safely. A

Along with this, our dream of Digital India will soon come true!

Thanks to Reliance Jio & WhatsApp for taking such an initiative.

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