Tone E20 -This Japanese Smartphone Won’t Let You Send Nudes!

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Yes, that’s right! Tone, a Japanese smartphone company has launched a smartphone called e20, which prevents users from taking naked selfies. 

Like any other economically prosperous country, the Japanese also get excited when Apple launches a new iPhone In this same market, there is a segment called ‘kakiyasu smartphones’, which specifically serves users who want a budget smartphone. In this series of kakiyasu smartphones, Tone Mobiles has come up with a budget smartphone – Tone e20. It costs only US$180 (available only in Japan), with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage capacity, 6.26-inch display, triple-lens rear camera (13MP, 12MP, and 2MP lens), and 8MP selfie camera.

So What’s Special About Tone E20?

The camera on this phone is coupled with AI software. So, when you try taking a nude selfie, the image processing software detects it and blocks it from being saved into your gallery. The company’s reasoning behind this technology is to protect minors from scams which may bring threat to the kind of photos they take. 

This “smartphone protection” system can be used by parents to get an alert and a pixilated image of what their children are trying to capture. This alert also captures other information like date, time, GPS details which are immediately sent to the parent or the guardian. 

This smartphone protection system in Tone’s e20 analyzes the image after it’s captured to see if it’s inappropriate. Tone Mobile hasn’t exactly defined what is the extent of nudity accepted by the system. But when you try taking a naked selfie, it throws an error message, “Photo not taken due to inappropriate content.”

The idea behind Tone’s software is to simply protect minors and teens from being potential victims of scams and coercion tactics. That said this feature can be disabled by adult users if they want.