Memorial Day Countdown – How many days until Memorial Day 2019?

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Memorial Day 2019


Memorial Day 2019, as the name implies, is a day that is dedicated entirely to the brave souls who gave their lives to protect their nation. If you’re wondering about when Memorial Day 2019 is going to be held or are just curious about what events are held during the federal holiday, the following will guide to the same.

Previously referred to as Decoration Day, Memorial Days is one of the federal holidays that is held in the United States to pay tribute to the soldiers who gave up their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Soldiers are acknowledged for their dedication and effort as civilians decorate the graves of the departed. Along with the ritual for decorating graves, parades and marches are held in the name of these soldiers. On this day, it is ritualistic to raise the flag of the United States to the full staff positions before bringing it down to the half-staff position where it is kept till noon. Afternoon, the flag is raised back again to the full-staff position. This raising and lowering of the flag is a symbolic for the belief that the departed will always be respected and acknowledged within the hearts of the nation. Volunteers also place American flags in front of the graves of these soldiers as a mark of respect towards their efforts.

Memorial Day 2019 will fall on the last Monday of May which equates to the date of 27th May 2019. It is also worth noting that before Memorial Day, there are two other remembrance days – Veterans’ Day and Armed Forces Day. Both of these days are held earlier in the month of May which builds up to the grand remembrance day that is the Memorial Day.

51 Days left… Countdown Begins

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