20 Best Free and Paid Sunlight Photoshop Overlays in 2023

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Want to complement your photos with sun glare or beautiful streaks of light? It is rather complicated to learn how to create a sun glow effect in Photoshop. Fortunately, you can save your time and take advantage of these sunlight overlays.

You can download all the options listed below in the high-res JPG format. These overlays are suitable for any kind of picture, whether it is a portrait or wedding photo. You can use these effects not only in Photoshop but also in GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, and other programs that support layers editing.

1. Sun Rays Photoshop Overlays

Sun Rays Photoshop Overlays

Sun rays Photoshop overlays give the image a joyful and cheerful mood by adding sun flare to the background. Due to their natural light effect, everything looks beautiful and flawless giving the picture a warm atmosphere.

These sunlight overlays slightly emphasize depth and make the picture brighter in the foreground, giving it multidimensional and vibrant touch. It doesn’t matter what genre or style of photography you are working with. Your pictures will definitely become more balanced if you add sun rays to them.

2. Sun Flare Photoshop Overlays

Sun Flare Photoshop Overlays

Enliven your outdoor photos and add a realistic glare to your shots with free sun flare Photoshop overlays. This set includes 50 effects that will help you achieve a contrast between the light and dark parts of the image and focus on a specific object.

Currently, you can purchase these effects at a 75% discount for only $11. Activate the discount during the day to get this collection at an attractive price.

3. Light Photoshop Overlays

 Light Photoshop Overlays

Create impressive lighting effects and achieve a fantastic result with a stunning collection of light bursts, leaks, glare and rings. With light Photoshop overlays each photo will achieve a magical touch in a few clicks. These effects will emphasize the brightness and saturation of the photos making them lighter and catchier.

4. Light Rays Photoshop Overlays

Light Rays Photoshop Overlays

Add a warm, sunny atmosphere to all your photos with Light Rays Photoshop overlays. This collection allows you to achieve a sun-kissed glow in your works.

Due to light glare and sparkle, you can give an extra vibe to your event invitations, soft glow to family photos and a cozy warm atmosphere to holiday pictures.

5. Sunlight Complete Collection Photoshop Overlays

Sunlight Complete Collection Photoshop Overlays

Sunlight overlays for Photoshop lets you create a dramatic effect and special mood in your pictures using light bursts, flashes and rings. The set includes 290 unique overlays. It is the entire collection of Sun Flares, Natural Bokeh, Magic Sparkle and Sun Rays Overlays for Photoshop. Feel free to use these effects for all types of photographs.

Hurry up to get this kit at a discount price. You have to spend only $40 instead of $131. A 69% discount is available only for one day, so do not waste time!

6.  Light Sparkling Collection Photoshop Overlays

 Light Sparkling Collection Photoshop Overlays

It has never been so easy to add a magical glow to your images. With the Light Sparkling Collection, you can turn a regular image into a masterpiece by adding sunlight, sun flashes, and highlights on your photos. Complement your pictures by luster and shine using 740 natural-looking overlays of various sizes and styles.

Get a 70% discount for this unique set. Pay $55 instead of $183 and seize the chance to add popular lighting effects to your works.

7. Sunlight Shadows Photoshop Overlays

Sunlight Shadows Photoshop Overlays

This collection will help you add nice shadows to your designs in a few seconds. The sun flare overlay effect will enliven the composition and make it more atmospheric. You can obscure unnecessary details and focus on important objects. Also, these effects help you create shadows of different shapes, styles and sizes to add a bit of drama to your pictures.

8. Film Burns – Light Leaks Photoshop Overlays

Film Burns - Light Leaks Photoshop Overlays

With the help of Film Burns – Light Leaks overlays, you can change color tones, intensity level, and even combine different effects. There are no limitations for those, who want to express their artistic talent.

You can experiment with fill, opacity of layers, multiplying, Color Burn and Linear Burn features. Also, it is possible to make colors lighter or darker, create a soft or hard light, etc. You can combine different types of filters to get amazing and unique effects.

9. Summer Backdrop Pastel Overlays

Summer Backdrop Pastel Overlays

Create a pastel “Summer and Autumn” effect in a matter of seconds with these sunflare overlay effects. Highlight the soft light shades and give your images a stunning pastel look.

Summer Backdrops Pastel overlays help balance light and dark areas in the picture and highlight the most important elements. Whether you are working with a wedding invitation, a Valentine’s day poster or a Mother’s day card, you will definitely create an eye-catching composition.

10. Sun Shining Behind Cloud Overlays

Sun Shining Behind Cloud Overlays

If you took pictures outdoors on a cloudy day, why not add sun flare to your shots? This is a unique overlay because it will help create rays of sunlight streaming through the clouds. When the sun shines directly through the clouds, this gives the image a natural beauty and glow.

11. Natural Sunlight Photo Overlays

Natural Sunlight Photo Overlays

The set includes the Ps sunlight overlays, sun glare overlay, digital backgrounds and sunglow effects. You can combine various overlays, adjust the opacity, choose a darker or softer look and change the colors with the Hue/Saturation tool to get a realistic sunlight effect.

12. Spring Sunbeams Photo Overlays

Spring Sunbeams Photo Overlays

Spring Sunbeams photo overlays help make photos warmer and lighter. This set is an unusual mixture of bright colors, pale pastels and neutral shades. These spring overlays help convey all the emotions and atmosphere of warmth and spring mood in the picture. Moreover, you can switch between such effects as daylight, twilight, sunset, clouds, and sunglow.

13. Seamless Sunset Overlays

Seamless Sunset Overlays

Billions of points of light, endless spaces, hundreds of color shades and brightness – discover the charm of the universe by adding the Sunset overlay to your photos. It is rather complicated to capture sunlight over the horizon during the sunset and not all photographers can demonstrate a spectrum of colors of the setting sun in their works. With this sunflare overlay, you can add brightness to the sun rays behind the clouds.

14. Light Bokeh Overlays

Light Bokeh Overlays

Bokeh is a beautiful effect when the lights in the background or foreground are blurred so that there appear soft colored circles of light. 60 Light Bokeh Overlays will make photos more vivid and help highlight the desired objects. Unusual glare will blur the background, and soft circles of light will emphasize the necessary details while giving the magic touch to your shots.

15. Rainbow Overlays

Rainbow Overlays

These effects allow you to create the perfect composition of the rainbow and sunlight. When the rain has already stopped, and the sun begins to shine, you can catch a rainbow. This happens when sunlight is refracted through water droplets. However, not always, the rainbow looks natural and beautiful in the photo. These overlays will allow you to make your pictures more vibrant and represent the full range of colors.

The set includes 30 high-quality decorative images. They are suitable for any photography genre or design, including portraits, outdoor group photos, greeting cards, flyers, etc.

16. When the Day Ends Overlays

When the Day Ends Overlays

When the day comes to its end, the sun doesn’t shine as bright as before since it finally peeks over the horizon. It is challenging to create sun rays and glare when they are tilted. These sun flare Photoshop overlays will help you deal with this issue by adding sun flares and oblique rays, so that the photo looks natural and striking.

17. Golden Lights Photo Overlays

Golden Lights Photo Overlays

These 80 overlays with a golden light effect will add extra vibrancy and brilliance to your composition. This pack includes various shapes, textures, lights, glare, etc. You can use these overlays for any photoshoot, whether it’s a wedding, party, Christmas, or any other memorable day.

18. Golden Sunrise Overlays

Golden Sunrise Overlays

This sunlight overlay will help enhance the photo in which you capture the moment when the upper edge of the sun was above the horizon. When the sun rises, everything around begins to play with vivid colors that are difficult to capture. Therefore, use the Sunrise overlay to demonstrate the full range of colors during the sunrise.

19. Magic Bokeh Space Overlays

 Magic Bokeh Space Overlays

This awesome package of 30 vibrant bokeh overlays will allow you to improve your background and add the exciting light effects. Apply these overlays, and your images will become lighter, shining and fresh.

Add some glare of an unusual shape to blur the background. Also, you can complement your shots with soft circles of light to emphasize the necessary details. These overlays are ideal for Christmas, newborn, and Valentine’s Day photos taken in the studio.

20. Flare Overlays

Flare Overlays

Flare Overlays will boost contrast in your images and allow you to properly balance lighting. With these effects you can highlight the desired object creating sun flares. If you add more sun glare, the photo will appear contrasting with the objects clearly visible. In case you want to enhance your shot with a little glare, you will achieve a soft and warm effect.